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The Blue Falcon is a machine, piloted by Captain Falcon.

A machine, also known as a vehicle[citation needed] or car[citation needed], is a racing transportation device that pilots drive, preferablly around a track. Instead of wheels, a G-Diffuser System is what keeps the machine hovering just inches above the ground, thrusters allow it to move, and ailerons to turn. These machines can break the sound barrier, thanks to their ultra-compact plasma engines. A machine requires energy to stay in the race. Machines are capable of boosting. Machines have a body, boost, and grip rating, along with a weight, all with varying driving styles and feels, which can be adjusted in Machine Settings.

There are around sixty known registered machines in the F-Zero Execution Project.

It is possible to create a custom machine in Garage, which suggests that all machines consist of Body Parts, Cockpit Part, and Booster Parts in order to function.

List of Machines