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Iron Tiger

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Iron Tiger
Iron Tiger.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Baba
Number 04
Creator F-Zero Pilot Training School
Engine RF-2E-SDx2
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1780kg
Body B
Boost D
Grip A

The Iron Tiger is Baba's F-Zero racing machine, first appearing as his machine of choice in F-Zero X. It was created by the Pilot Training School division of the F-Zero Executive Project Committee in order to help train upcoming racers. Its strength is its grip, with an above-average body and a below-average boost.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Iron Tiger becomes available after earning three X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Deep Claw, Crazy Bear, Great Star, Big Fang, and Mad Wolf. It is available to use in four colors: Blue-grey (default), black, green, and beige.

F-Zero GX

The Iron Tiger is available in four colors: Blue (default), beige, green, and pinkish-orange.

Iron Tiger.png Iron Tiger
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
F-ZERO Pilot Training School - Machine Design Committee RF-2E-SD×2 1780kg
The F-Zero Executive Project Committee commissioned their Pilot Training School to build this machine in order to help train up-and-coming F-Zero pilots. Their hope was to create a machine to help these pilots bear the burden of winning future Grand Prix championships. The charm of the Iron Tiger is stable operability. Combined with Baba's wild and driving driving style, the Machine Design Committee has succeeded in achieving an even higher degree of potential from this machine.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Iron Tiger becomes available after clearing the bronze cup on a standard or better class. It has impressive top speed with average turning and acceleration.

F-Zero Climax

The Iron Tiger becomes available after completing the silver cup on master.

Design and namesake


The Iron Tiger is built to be a long racecar. Its body comprises of a long triangular nose and two rectangular protrusions in the very back that connect to the sides and help suspend a fender and contain the two seperate engines. Just in front of the connectors is the cockpit. There are big cooling vents that feed air directly into the engines. There are also vents located in the back of the machine in the open end. All vents show evidence of exhaust burns on the machine. Its color is primarily a slate blue with yellow and black stripe decals on the side parts, the top of the nose and behind the canopy.


The Iron Tiger is comprised of the words iron, a metallic chemical element from the Periodic Table and tiger, the largest known cat in the world.


The iron portion of Iron Tiger pertains to its grayish-blue color. It's relationship is strengthened in F-Zero GX with its iron plating. The tiger aspect is related to its printed stripes matching the patterns found on real-life tigers.

Differences between games

The biggest change made to Iron Tiger was when it transitioned to F-Zero GX. Originally, it had "Tiger" printed on the sides of the front. The iron aspect was more exaggerated adding iron plating on the tip of the nose, the fender, the cockpit cover and sides replacing the tiger print for the last two areas; most for the cover and all for the sides. When it was put into F-Zero: GP Legend, it reverted back to its detailing from F-Zero X but changed to dark blue. Artwork from X erroneously depicted the Iron Tiger purple instead of blue.



  • In the "That's a great machine," interview of F-Zero GX's F-Zero TV, Baba calls his Iron Tiger a "she."
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