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Space Angler

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Space Angler
Space Angler.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Leon
Number 19
Creator Fable Animal
Engine ANIM-01-7x2 (1 in F-Zero X)
Vehicle statistics
Weight 910 kg
Body C
Boost C
Grip A

The Space Angler is Leon's F-Zero racing machine since F-Zero X. During a war on Leon's home planet of Zou, one member of the opposing side, named Fable, betrayed his team and ensured a win for Zou. As a way of softening the aftereffects of the war, Fable built this machine and commissioned Leon to race in it. The Space Angler's strongest asset is its grip, with its body and boost being average.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Space Angler becomes available after earning twelve X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Mighty Typhoon, Hyper Speeder, Green Panther, Black Bull, and Sonic Phantom. It is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), yellow, pink, and grey.

F-Zero GX

The Space Angler is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), green, pink, and yellow.

Space Angler.png Space Angler
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Fable ANIM-01-7x2 910 kg
Fable, the creature that designed this machine, was once part of the forces that were attacking Leon's home planet of Zou. Furious over their merciless assault tactics, he betrayed those forces and became the hero that helped lead the planet Zou to victory. In order to help soften the effects of the poverty that continued even after the war's end, Fable engineered an F-Zero machine and commissioned Leon to race it. This machine boasts grip similar to that of a sleek feline digging its claws into the earth as it effortlessly accelerates.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Space Angler becomes available after clearing the bronze cup on novice or higher. The top speed and acceleration are both average with strong cornering capabilities.

F-Zero Climax

The Space Angler becomes available after winning the gold cup on expert overall.

Design and namesake


The Space Angler takes on a streamlined and plump appearance. It's body is shaped to resemble the head of a spade with downward slopes. Down the middle is a mohawk that has a cooling vent at the very top. Right in front of the mohawk is the canopy which helps direct air into the vents. The underside contains triangular protrusions which act as feet. The engines are arranged horizontally and have two fins placed on top angled in an acute manner. Most of the machine is light blue with a dark blue nose, stripe, mohawk, and fins.


The Space Angler combines the words space, the shortened name of outer space, the infinite expanse that exists beyond Earth and angler, the shortened term for anglerfish, a predatorial, bioluminescent deep-sea fish.


The space part of Space Angler relates to the F-Zero series as a whole having to do with intergalactic racing. As for angler, the machine in and of itself is meant to look fish-like with the rounded body and dorsal and tail fins. Strengthening the relations to the aforementioned fish is the cockpit positioning matching that of an anglerfish's lure.

Differences between games

When the Space Angler was introduced in F-Zero X, it originally had only one engine. Its count doubled starting with F-Zero GX. Its appearance in the GameBoy Advance games stretched its length and got thinner.


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