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Wild Goose

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Wild Goose.png
Wild Goose
Vehicle information
Pilot Pico
Number 06
Creator General Repeat of Death Wind
Engine ES-8302x3
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1620kg
Max Power 3670 PS
Max Speed 462 km/h
Body A (B in F-Zero X)[1]
Boost B
Grip C

The Wild Goose is Pico's machine starting from the first F-Zero game and onward. The machine was created by General Repeat of Death Wind with a focus on combat as a special unit in the Polipoto military. When the general retired, the Wild Goose's military history was recognized, and it was adopted for racing. The soldier who designed the Wild Goose is a member of the strong fighting spirited Polipoto tribe of Death Wind.[2] It is able to withstand heavy damage and was made to perform attack runs thus making it suitable for Pico's aggressive driving nature. It also has above-average acceleration and average drifting ability.

Profiles and statistics


The Wild Goose is one of the four cars from the original F-Zero. It was designed with the best armor, pretty fast speed and average turning, but has an issue with stability and a rather poor acceleration. It loses speed very quickly when breaking or releasing acceleration. It always starts in third.

F-Zero X

The Wild Goose is available from the start of F-Zero X. It is available to use in four colors: Green (default), light blue, orange, and grey.

F-Zero GX

The Wild Goose has four color options: Green, purple, red, and blue.

Wild Goose.png Wild Goose
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
General Repeat ES-8302×3 1620kg
The general of Death Window, the most elite fighting unit of the Poripoto military, designed this machine for use in command of the unit. When the general retired, the Wild Goose's military history was recognized, and it was adopted for racing. It is very resistant to damage and was made to perform attack runs. However, its weak acceleration and below-average drifting ability in corners are a bit disconcerting.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Wild Goose is available from the start of F-Zero GP Legend. It has a good top speed and average cornering but a slightly below average acceleration.

F-Zero Climax

The Wild Goose is available from the start of F-Zero Climax.

Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Wild Goose appears as a sticker.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, the Wild Goose appears as one of the platforms in the Mute City stage, and as a trophy.

Trophy Information
Name Image Description Unlock Method
Wild Goose
NTSC-U: Pico was given this machine when his commanding officer retired from the military. The Wild Goose trades handling and acceleration for durability—fortunate, since Pico isn't afraid to swap paint with his rivals. Speaking of paint, does it look kinda...duck-like?

PAL: This machine was given to hot-headed soldier Pico when he retired from the military. Designed as a war machine, it's too heavy to be quick or good at cornering, but it's perfect for Pico's aggressive driving style...which might explain the name.
Randomly Obtained.

Design and namesake


The Wild Goose appears as a rounded out car. Its body is primarily oval in shape. On the sides of the machine is a green base with a yellow cover in the center of it. The canopy is positioned in the very front of the vehicle and sticks out slightly. Right underneath it is a conventionally placed cooling vent. Two more are located in the rear from a slightly suspended part of the wings which have white stripes printed on them. In the rear, two engines are positioned horizontally and the third is suspended by a construct with a small fin on the top and a yellow-rimmed intake fan.


The Wild Goose is comprised of the words wild, something that isn't domesticated or unrestrained and goose, a species of waterfowl.


The wild aspect of Wild Goose is meant to reflect upon Pico's aggressive driving. As for the goose aspect, the machine's design is heavily based off of an actual goose's body with the rounded chassis reflecting on their torso and the canopy resembling a beak. Furthermore, geese tend to be very aggressive birds similar to Pico.

Differences between games

When the Wild Goose was introduced in the original F-Zero, it was more circular in design, had a horizontal cooling vent on the front, had some lingual markings (probably from the language of Pico's species) printed on the sides and red markings on the yellow portion. The top engine also rotated acting as its turning mechanism. Moving into F-Zero X, the lingual markings were removed, the front vent was changed to what it is now, the back ends were elevated, the red markings became lightning bolts and the top engine became stationary while gaining a red stripe. F-Zero: GP Legend would later change the machine's shape to a spearhead design.




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