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Fat Shark

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Fat Shark
Fat Shark.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Don Genie
Number 31
Creator Genie Universal Amusement Facilities Operations Group
Engine NG-S05-GOLDx5
Vehicle statistics
Weight 2490kg
Body A
Boost B
Grip E

The Fat Shark is a car designed by Don Genie, and financed by his vast fortune. As such it was given extraordinary capabilities. Because Don Genie has many enemies, he made extra certain the machine had a powerful body to protect him. The result leaves it with above average speed, but makes the machine very difficult to control. It has the second highest top speed in F-Zero GX (losing only to Black Bull).

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX / AX

Don Genie and the Fat Shark are available to play as at the start of F-Zero AX, whereas he must be unlocked in F-Zero GX by completing Chapter 4 of Story mode on Very Hard, followed by purchasing the character. The Fat Shark is available to use in four colors: Blue (Default), pink, green, and yellow.

Fat Shark.png Fat Shark
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Genie Universal Amusement Facilities Operations Group SS-C503-LVx2 2490kg
In order to flaunt his mega-millions, the ostentatious Don Genie spent a huge amount of money developing this top-notch machine and outfitting it with extraordinary capabilities. Since Don has a great many enemies who would love to take his life, he placed the most emphasis on body durability when designing the Fat Shark.

Design and namesake


The Fat Shark is a behemoth of a racecar. It has a massive build mainly in the shape of a rectangle. In front are two points with red mouths that have white teeth printed on them. The underside has three trapezoidal segments running down to the engines. Near the center of the car is a canopy meant to resemble a cut diamond. Inside the cockpit is purple seating instead of the regular gray meant to resemble expensive and quality comfort while reflecting on Don Genie's insurmountable wealth. To the sides of the canopy are two cooling funnels. On the sides of the car are big wings stretching outward to help stabilize it and have open area right underneath them. In the back are the five engines arranged in an "M" formation. Only the top two engines have cooling vents that are obstructed by the cockpit. On top of the cooling funnels and on the two top engines are small fins with the front ones pointing straight up and the back ones tilted at a 45° angle. The machine's primary color is blue and has the name of the machine printed on the side cooling funnels in red.


The Fat Shark is comprised of the words fat, a slang term to describe someone as overweight and shark, a family of cartilaginous predatory fish.


Reflecting on the sheer size and weight of the machine is where the "Fat" in Fat Shark comes into play as well as poking fun at the driver's obesity. The "Shark" portion is exaggerated through both the aforementioned reasons that the "Fat" reflects upon and for both its performances, parts of the machine's design (namely the fins and mouths) and how aggressive Don Genie's racing can be.


  • The Fat Shark is the heaviest machine out of all the official F-Zero machines at 2490 kilograms (5489.51 pounds or 2.744755 tons).
  • The Fat Shark is the only machine to have five engines.
    • They are also made out of solid gold.


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