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Training is a mode found in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity and F-Zero: GP Legend, though its functionality differs between the two games.

In F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

Contrary to its name, the training mode found in Maximum Velocity is more similar to F-Zero X's Time Attack mode than it is to its Practice mode. In Training, the player selects any racer that they have unlocked on any stage they have previously played on, then is given the option to either play against a single AI opponent or by themselves; if an AI opponent is selected, then the player can also select the AI level and vehicle from any that are available.

Training mode requires the player to finish 5 laps on their selected course as fast as possible; the player's fastest times are recorded, like in Grand Prix.

In F-Zero: GP Legend

Training in GP Legend is functionally identical to the Practice mode found in previous games. In this training mode, players can race on any course from those that they have unlocked with any pilot they have unlocked; from there, they can decide on how many laps they want to complete, ranging from 1 to 99, or an infinite number of laps. Players can also select how many racers they want on the course, alongside what difficulty they should be set to.