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Mighty Typhoon

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Mighty Typhoon
Mighty Typhoon.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Draq
Number 27
Creator Team Shooting Star
Engine SS-C504x2 (3 in F-Zero X)
Vehicle statistics
Weight 950kg
Body C
Boost A
Grip D

The Mighty Typhoon is Draq's F-Zero racing machine. It originally belonged to one of the racing teams that dissolved after the big accident four years ago when the Grand Prix was discontinued for a time. Oddly enough, every member of that team has since been reported as missing. The machine itself is quite unlike Draq, as it is lightweight and has excellent acceleration and boost abilities with an average body, but a below-average grip.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Mighty Typhoon becomes available after earning 12 X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Space Angler, Hyper Speeder, Green Panther, Black Bull and Sonic Phantom. It is available to use in four colors: Green (default), light blue, red and dark blue.

F-Zero GX

The Mighty Typhoon is available to use in four colors: Green (default), orange, blue, and purple.

Mighty Typhoon.png Mighty Typhoon
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Team Shooting Star SS-C504x2 950 kg
The Mighty Typhoon belonged to one of the racing teams that was forced to dissolve after the huge accident three years ago, when the F-Zero Grand Prix races were discontinued. Strangely, every last member of that team has since been reported missing. The Mighty Typhoon is almost the polar opposite of its giant pilot, Draq--the craft is extremely light with highly advanced acceleration capabilities.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Mighty Typhoon becomes available after clearing the bronze cup on expert. It has decent cornering with good top speed and acceleration.

F-Zero Climax

The Mighty Typhoon becomes available after winning the bronze cup on standard overall.

Design and namesake


The Mighty Typhoon's design takes on a mix of intricacy and optimization. The center portion of the vehicle is a long and pseudo-slim body with an elevated rear that has the engines arranged vertically. Near the front is the cockpit and two end points with small cooling vents. In between them is a streamlined portion. Off to the sides connected in the back are stability arms that measure only one-half of the car's body. These arms contain an angled-up rear underside and cooling vents in the tips. The machine is primarily green with yellow stripes on the tips of the arms and nose and rear connectors.


The Mighty Typhoon is comprised of the words mighty, meaning very powerful and typhoon, a tropical storm that occurs in the Northwestern Pacific Basin.


The Mighty Typhoon's name isn't really meant to be reflected on its design. The mighty aspect is meant to reflect upon the vehicle's great performances.

Differences between games

The big change made to the Mighty Typhoon was during its transition from F-Zero X to F-Zero GX where its engine count decreased from three to two which also lead to the top flattening out.


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