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Little Wyvern

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Little Wyvern
Little Wyvern.png
Vehicle information
Pilot James McCloud
Number 10
Creator Space Dynamics
Engine FGS-C024Mx2
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1390kg
Body E
Boost B
Grip B

The Little Wyvern is James McCloud's racing machine in the F-Zero series since F-Zero X. The machine is a modified fighter craft that was used by the Galaxy Dogs squadron, which James McCloud, the leader of the squadron, convinced Space Dynamics to create the machine for him. The Little Wyvern has above-average boost and grip, but a weak body.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Little Wyvern becomes available after earning nine X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Death Anchor, Wild Boar, King Meteor, Super Piranha and Mighty Hurricane. It is available to use in four colors: Grey (default), yellow, fuchsia, and cyan.

F-Zero GX

The Little Wyvern is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), yellow, green, and red.

Little Wyvern.png Little Wyvern
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Space Dynamics, Inc. FGS-CO24M×2 1390kg
The Little Wyvern is a modified version of the fighter crafts used by the Galaxy Dogs squad. The squad's leader, James McCloud, was the person responsible for convincing Space Dynamics to create the machine for him. For Space Dynamics, the Little Wyvern was an experiment to test their acumen in F-Zero machine design. Their main objective was to discover new ways to capitalize on the potential they designed and implemented into their fighter crafts.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Little Wyvern becomes available after maxing out Lisa Brilliant's cash in story mode at $255,000,000. While having an average acceleration, it has a decent top speed and good turning.

F-Zero Climax

The Little Wyvern becomes available after winning the platinum cup on expert overall.

Design and namesake


The Little Wyvern has a distinctive design resembling a space fighting craft. The nose is straight and narrow with a cooling vent both in the tip of the nose and on top. At the backend of the nose is the cockpit with an elevated back with an exhaust vent. Constructs branch off to the sides which contain an engine, a cooling vent, and a vertical fin. The machine is primarily light gray with blue detailing and white stripes on the engines.


The Little Wyvern combines the words little, a term to describe something that's not great in size and wyvern, a mythical dragon with two legs and wings with no arms.


Despite being named little, the Little Wyvern is actually the average machine size. The wyvern aspect is exaggerated through the wings and engines mimicking their appendage anatomy. The shadow of the machine also slightly resembles a wyvern. Furthermore, the little can relate to this aspect as wyverns are usually depicted to be giant creatures.

Differences between games

In F-Zero X the blue details on the fins were present on both sides of the fins. Starting with F-Zero GX, the blue would be restricted to the outer sides of the fins. The fin connectors were gray in every appearance except for GX which made them blue. The stripes on the engines changed to black in F-Zero: GP Legend.

Relation to Star Fox

The Little Wyvern has a slight resemblance to an Arwing from the Star Fox series. The pilot's name is James McCloud who is named after Fox's father. Space Dynamics was the company of Slippy's father in Star Fox that developed the Arwing and Great Fox, and like the Arwing, the Little Wyvern (as well as all the other F-Zero machines) uses a G-Diffuser.


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