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General information
Track listing
F-Zero X Sector α - Inverted Loop, Sector β - Double Somersault

Sector is an venue in F-Zero X.


Sector α - Inverted Loop

FZX Sector Alpha Inverted Loop.png

This track features and starts with a half loop and most of the remaining track is anything but right side up. There are two Dash Zones.

Sector β - Double Somersault

FZX Sector Beta Double Somersault.png

This track features a vertical loop and a bigger inverted loop (similar to the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit). There are three dash zones, Rough, and Traps. The pilot should not boost too fast right before the second loop for risking falling off the track and retiring. In Time Attack, a Staff Ghost leaps off the track with no guide rails after the second loop structure to gain an incredible amount of speed. This strategy may skip over the pit and is risky to the point where the pilot could retire if they aren't careful angling their descent.



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