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BS F-Zero Grand Prix

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BS F-Zero Grand Prix
BS F-Zero Grand Prix title screen.png
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Producer(s) Fumiyoshi Yakushiji
Satoshi Yamato
Platform SNES (Satellaview peripheral)
Genre Racing
Media Broadcast Satellaview
Release date(s)
Japan Week 1 (Airtime): December 29th, 1996 - January 3rd, 1997
Week 2 (Airtime): January 5th - January 10th, 1997
Week 3 (Airtime): January 12th - January 17th, 1997
Week 4 (Airtime): January 19th - January 24th, 1997[1]
Previous Game F-Zero
Next Game BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2
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BS F-Zero Grand Prix (BS F-ZERO グランプリ) was a four-part Soundlink game to the original F-Zero. It was launched only in Japan for the Satellaview attachment for the Super Famicom. BS F-Zero Grand Prix contained four different playable vehicles and four new tracks near the end of each broadcast, as well as the 15 tracks from the original game.[2] Commentary was provided by Bucky Koba, Tsutomu Tareki, and Seiichi Hirai. A follow-up to the game was later distributed as BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2.

According to Nintendo Power the game was considered to be released via Game Pak.[2]


The new fifth tracks have been altered in BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2. Mute City IV was never released until the sequel, so Mute City I, from Week 1, was recycled for Week 4.

Grand Prix Week 1 (Knight League) Week 2 (Queen League) Week 3 (King League) Week 4 (Ace League)
1 Mute City I Mute City II Mute City III Mute City I
2 Big Blue Port Town I Death Wind II White Land II
3 Death Wind I Sand Ocean Red Canyon I Red Canyon II
4 Silence White Land I Port Town II Fire Field
5 Sand Storm Sand Storm II Silence II Big Blue II

New Racers[edit]




Grand Prix 5th[edit]


  • Most of the soundtrack used in the Soundlink games were lifted from the Jazz album (albeit remixed version) or the Nintendo Super Famicom Game Music, while a couple of songs, mostly Port Town, Fire Field, and Sand Storm, appear to be original.

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