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Dragon Bird

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Dragon Bird
Dragon Bird2.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Rick Wheeler
Number 00
Creator Dr. Clash*
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1850kg
Body B
Boost B
Grip B
In F-Zero GP Legend Booklet

The Dragon Bird is among the newest of the F-Zero machines, piloted by Rick Wheeler. It has all of the Galaxy Police's newest and utmost technology of 2201. The result is a perfectly balanced machine that is above average in all three categories, but does not excel in any. With all of those new details, the machine is very easy to handle, but it also has the potential to handle the skilled techniques applied by the best pilots. Given this, its stats are among the best in the F-Zero series, even compared to the likes of the Blue Falcon.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Dragon Bird is available from the start of F-Zero: GP Legend. It boasts a good acceleration and top speed with decent cornering.

F-Zero Climax

The Dragon Bird is available from the start of F-Zero Climax. An upgraded version, the Dragon Bird GT, piloted by Clank Hughes becomes available after winning the gold cup on master overall.

Design and namesake


The Dragon Bird has a fairly simple albeit very optimal design. The mainframe is a fairly short rectangular design with a triangular nose. Right in the center of the vehicle is the cockpit. In the very back are upward slanted protrusions with small cooling vents near the bottom and exhaust vents in the back. The engines are arranged horizontally in pairs of two. The majority of the car is colored white with the bottom rim being blue and the protrusions being red.


The Dragon Bird combines the words dragon, a legendary, fire-breathing, flying creature and bird, a general term for an avian animal.


The biggest connection between Dragon Bird and its namesake relates to how all three are able to "fly." The car's stats also reflect upon the dragon aspect as both are considered legendary.



  • The Dragon Bird is the only machine to be named after two animals.
  • It's confirmed in the anime that Captain Falcon was tested to become the Dragon Bird's pilot but he was unable to control it.