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Rick Wheeler

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Rick Wheeler
Rick Wheeler.png
Rick Wheeler, as he appears in the anime
Character information
Machine Dragon Bird
Gender Male
Game Appearance(s) F-Zero: GP Legend
F-Zero Climax

Rick Wheeler (リュウ スザク Ryū Suzaku) is a character first introduced in the anime series F-Zero: GP Legend, as his main character. He was a detective policeman 150 years before the events of the series, but he was put into Cold Sleep after he died when chasing Zoda after he escaped from prison.

He was later revived in the future by Mobile Task Force member Dr. Stewart on decision of Jody Summer, and, since then, he races in the F-Zero Grand Prix while doubling as a policeman.


F-Zero games

F-Zero: GP Legend

Rick Wheeler artwork from the video game F-Zero: GP Legend

F-Zero: GP Legend is Rick's first playable appearance, where all characters are based on their anime counterparts. Rick is playable right from the start, with his vehicle, the Dragon Bird being a solid choice both for beginners and advanced players. He is the only character that can perform the Boost Fire technique.

F-Zero Climax

Ryu Suzaku reappears in the Japan-only F-Zero Climax. Like in the previous game, he's playable from the start. In the game, he can perform the famed Boost Fire, with the difference that everyone can pull off this move, unlike in the previous game. Ryu can also play the role of Captain Falcon if the player has reached 1st overall in Silver Cup, only in Master Difficulty. If the player presses the R Button over Ryu's picture, he will change into Captain Falcon and will pilot the Blue Falcon GT, as tribute to the anime series ending.

F-Zero: GP Legend anime

Rick is the main protagonist of the anime, and as such, he appears and/or stars in almost every chapter.

From the start of the series, he is revealed to be a racer from a distant past, where an important flashback shows Rick's past life; how he died just before he was going to propose marriage to her girlfriend Misaki Haruka after he won a Grand Prix race. After being revived in the future, his character develops a long way from being almost unable to turn properly in the Dragon Bird, to being one of the most skillful pilots of the circuit, getting tied to his past after knowing that Zoda was still alive and being targeted by Miss Killer, suspecting that he may know her from somewhere.



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