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Fighting Comet

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Fighting Comet Logo.png
Fighting Comet.jpg
Vehicle information
Pilot Kumiko
Vehicle statistics
Max Normal Speed 412 KM/H
Max Boost Speed 593 KM/H
Boost Time 9
Strength 56
Turn Performance D
Turn Balance B
The Fighting Comet's pickup graph

The Fighting Comet is Kumiko's F-Zero machine in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. It is a mostly white vehicle with different lavender and blue detailing, a giant engine with a big fan intake in the back and two big turning fins. It boasts the second strongest boost in the roster that lasts nine seconds and has some good stability. Unfortunately, the acceleration is only average, the top speed is the slowest at 412 kilometers per hour (beaten by the J. B. Crystal by six), corners poorly and has a very fragile build. This vehicle also makes extremely high jumps, making many unusual shortcuts possible.

Unlock Criteria

  • Beat Master Class on Pawn, Knight, Bishop, and Queen.
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Fighting Comet
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