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Hidden Password screen.

The password screen is a hidden mode that can be used to unlock the Jet Vermilion in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. Once Jet Vermilion has been unlocked, the password screen can no longer be accessed unless the player starts a new file.

In order to access the password screen, the player needs to press L, R, Start, R, L, Select in order at the machine selection screen in Grand Prix mode. Upon successful completion of this code, the password screen immediately appears, and a password then needs to be input in order to unlock Jet Vermilion.

The password required to unlock Jet Vermilion depends on what the player has named their save file; the player was initially supposed to visit Nintendo's official website to figure out what password they had to put in for their save file, though the password has since been reverse-engineered and a number of websites provide the ability to determine what this password is supposed to be.[1]