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Survival is a game mode introduced in F-Zero Climax. It consists of three different modes that the player can take on with the game's 36 different racers.

Survival is designed to provide a challenge to players, and as a result, the courses featured generally have sharp turns, frequent jumps, and similar obstacles; furthermore, the AI of racers is generally of a higher-level. In order to further challenge players, a number of unique goals are present in Survival mode beyond simply racing to finish a course.

Survival is divided into three modes: Tour, Challenge, and Battle. In all three modes, scores are kept via time, with the fastest time recorded for each


Tour is the first of the three modes, and also the easiest. Players have five lives to get through Tour's five challenges.

Completing Tour will unlock a random Story Line.


Challenge is the second of the Survival modes, featuring an intermediate difficulty. Players have five lives like before, but now have to get through 8 courses instead.

Completing Challenge will unlock a Character Profile for the pilot used.


Battle is the third and toughest of the Survival modes. Players have only 3 lives to navigate through 9 courses. Unlike the other modes, Battle features randomised races, ensuring that no two runthroughs are the same.

Completing Battle will unlock a random Story Line.

List of modes

  • 1 Lap Race: The player must come in first on a race with only one lap. Boosts are available from the start of the race.
  • 3 Lap Race: Similar to the above, though the player must instead come in first after three laps. Boosts are available after the first lap is completed.
  • Straight Link, where the course is a straight track that the player must race to the end of before their opponents, akin to a drag race.
  • Brake Link, where the player has to stop as close as possible to the end of a straight track without actually touching it.
  • Slalom Link, where the player has to finish first after navigating a course with frequent sharp turns, akin to slalom skiing.
  • Death Race, where the player has to retire the indicated racer before finishing a lap.
  • Top Keep, where the player has to stay in first place for the entirety of the race.