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Sonic Phantom

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Sonic Phantom
Sonic Phantom.png
Vehicle information
Pilot The Skull
Number 16
Creator Abinus Company
Engine CY97-X4x1 (3 in the Game Boy Advance games)
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1010 kg
Body C
Boost A
Grip D
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The Sonic Phantom is The Skull's racing machine in the F-Zero race since F-Zero X. It was created by an entertainment planning company known as Abinus, that specializes in combing science with black magic. It is the first racing machine in F-Zero history to use compact aura engines, though it operates by drawing energy from living creatures. The Sonic Phantom has a strong boost with an average body, but a below-average grip.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Sonic Phantom becomes available after earning twelve X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Space Angler, Mighty Typhoon, Hyper Speeder, Green Panther, and Black Bull. It is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), red, magenta and grey.

F-Zero GX

The Sonic Phantom is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), yellow, green, and red.

Sonic Phantom.png Sonic Phantom
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Abinus Company CY97-X4x1 1010kg
This machine was developed by Abinus, an entertainment planning company known for combining science and black magic. This lightweight machine is the first in F-Zero history to boast compact aura engines operating on reactive energy from living organisms. Not only that, but it also has the best boost performance available. There is a terrible rumor going around that The Skull uses black magic to suck out the energy needed to fuel this machine from race spectators.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Sonic Phantom becomes available after clearing all the challenges in the A-Class Zero Test. It's acceleration is slightly slow but has a good top speed and strong cornering.

F-Zero Climax

The Sonic Phantom becomes available after completing the platinum cup on expert or higher.



  • The Sonic Phantom has two graphical errors in F-Zero GX.
    • When the A button is held, there appears to be two exhaust trails despite the fact there's only one CY97-X4 engine.
    • The Sonic Phantom lacks a steering wheel although The Skull's animation shows him holding and turning one as he races.
  • The Sonic Phantom's creator, Abinus Company is an anagram of Anubis, the Egyptian God of Mummification.
  • The Sonic Phantom's chassis has a design reminiscent of a rib cage, a reference to the driver being a skeleton.
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