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Side Attack Dive

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At 0:10, demonstrating the Side Attack Dive on Space Plant 2.

The Side Attack Dive is a driving technique that can be performed in F-Zero X. It is considered an exploit in the game engine. It allows for the pilot to go up to 3000km/h, or 2500km/h if playing the PAL version. It is based on the Side Attack. There are two ways to perform this:

  • DTD-R:
    • 1st:Gain Some Air
    • 2nd:Hold Up
    • 3rd Start Tapping R
  • DTD-Z
    • 1st:Gain Some Air (Right Side)
    • 2nd:Hold Up
    • 3rd:Start Tapping Z

Tracks It Can Be Performed[edit]

This list is a sampling of what tracks it can be easily performed: