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Alexander O'Neill

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Alexander O'Neill
Alexander's concept art
Character information
Machine The Stingray
Age 30[1]
Gender Male
Game Appearance(s) F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
"Alex, a popular ex-pro football player, has energy to spare."
− Instruction manual[1]
Master class ending portrait

Alexander O'Neill[2] is an African-American former pro-football player and the pilot of The Stingray, appearing only in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. Alexander has a buzz cut and thin beard, and wears a green jersey with a white "30" in the front, along with a mechanical brace on his shoulder. His boots also appear to have mechanical components to them, and his helmet has the logo of his machine. Despite no longer playing football, he continues to wear the jersey.

Alexander O'Neill, with The Stingray, is unlocked by clearing the Pawn, Knight, and Bishop Series cups on Expert class[2].

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アレックス[3]
French Alex[1] Alex
German Alex[1] Alex
Spanish Alex[1] Alex