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Megan's concept art
Character information
Machine Hot Violet
Age Unknown[1]
Gender Female
Game Appearance(s) F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
"Hot Violet pilot and karate expert Megan flies at a boosted speed of 579 km/h for six seconds - the best boost combo of the first four available machines."
− Character profile, Nintendo Power Issue 145[2]

Megan[2] is the pilot of the Hot Violet, being one of the four starting pilots in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. Megan has shoulder-length brown hair, and wears a purple racing suit with yellow lines on the sides alongside beige gloves. She also wears shoulder pads, arm braces, a belt with a hip brace and leg guards. Her helmet shares the purple colour, as well as similar fire decals seen in her machine.

Megan's background is shrouded in mystery, with much of her information being unknown. However, she is rumored to be a karate expert[1], as well as the name of "Megan" being actually her second name.[3][4]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミーガン[3][5]
French Megan[1] Megan
German Megan[1] Megan
Spanish Megan[1] Megan