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Fire Field

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Firefield01 l.jpg
FZGX Nintendo Holiday Press CD 2003 Fire Field Undulation.png
General information
Track listing
F-Zero Fire Field
F-Zero X Zig-Zag Jump, 180ローリング
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Landmine Circuit, Warrior Circuit
F-Zero GX / AX Cylinder Knot, Undulation
F-Zero: GP Legend Blast Track, Wreckage Circuit, Blast Track II, Wreckage Circuit II, Fire Field
F-Zero Climax Heat Circuit, Front Line, Front Line II, Burnt Out Link, Fire Field

Fire Field was once one of the greatest places in the galaxy to harvest minerals, but the leading resources company was too greedy and dug too deep and hit a volcano. It caused a huge explosion that turned the place into a fiery hell full of extremely hot magma. The resources company was driven to the crisis of bankruptcy, but teamed up with project F-Zero and constructed an F-Zero circuit amongst the crimson lotus flames.

Appearance in the games


Fire Field first appeared as the last and hardest track in the original F-Zero, being the fifth track in the King Cup. It has a lot of sharp turns, side magnets, mines and one booster pad.

F-Zero X

Zig-Zag Jump

In F-Zero X, Zig-Zag Jump has a steep, narrow descent following the starting line, leading to a long jump over a zigzagged segment of the track. The amount of hangtime the car achieves forces the racer to carefully calculate the landing, in order to stay in the race. Another feature the player needs to be on the lookout for is a sharp turn upwards just before the final bend, which may launch unsuspecting drivers off the track. Fire Field 2, exclusive to the Expansion Kit, has a 180 degree rollover as well as a cylinder.

F-Zero GX

In F-Zero GX, Cylinder Knot is a simple cylinder course and Undulation has up-and-down roads that lack guardrails, making it very dangerous. In Undulation, there are also roads with guardrails, but the terrain is bumpy.

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

Landmine Circuit

FZMV Queen 4.png
FZMV Mine.png

Warrior Circuit

FZMV Queen 5.png

F-Zero: GP Legend

Blast Track
Wreckage Circuit II

F-Zero Climax

Front Line
Fire Field F-Zero remake.


  • Fire Field is the only location featured in every F-Zero game.
  • Fire Field is the only returning course in Maximum Velocity except for Silence in the Single-Pak Multiplayer Mode.