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Casino Palace

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Casino Palace
Vegaspalas01 l.jpg
General information
Track listing
F-Zero GX / AX Split Oval, Double Branches

Also known as Vegas Palace in the Japanese version, Casino Palace is located in the entertainment district on the outskirts of Mute City. It is a magnet for people seeking to increase their material wealth. Dome-shaped entertainment facilities fill the sky with neon signs making outrageous claims, and the streets overflow day and night with tourists who are willing to believe them. Fortunes are won and lost again every hour of every day, and now the area is even more popular thanks to the arrival of the F-Zero circuit.

Appearance in the games

Split Oval

Casino Palace only appears in F-Zero GX and is famous for having the track go into branches. Split Oval is a normal oval course where in the second straightaway, the road splits into two. Double Branches has six branches and is a much more complex course. Casino Palace is also used for the High Stakes in Mute City in F-Zero GX's Story Mode, where all of the turns are 90-degree turns.