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John Tanaka

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John Tanaka
GX John Tanaka.png
Character information
Machine Wonder Wasp
Age 30 (X)
31 (GX)
Gender Male
Game Appearance(s) F-Zero X
F-Zero GX
F-Zero: GP Legend
F-Zero Climax

John Tanaka (ジョン タナカ, Jon Tanaka[?]) is a pilot in the F-Zero series.

Working as a mechanic for the Galactic Space Federation under the same unit as Jody Summer, Tanaka began to harbor feelings for her and entered the F-Zero Grand Prix in an effort to protect her.

Tanaka made his first playable appearance in F-Zero X, and has since been playable in F-Zero GX, F-Zero: GP Legend, and F-Zero Climax. He also appears in the F-Zero: GP Legend anime.


John Tanaka is the lead mechanic for the Galactic Space Federation. He works in the same unit as Jody Summer, towards whom he harbors romantic feelings. When Tanaka heard about her entering the F-Zero Grand Prix, he signed up as well to keep her safe amidst the treacherous and chaotic races, regardless of whether he would win or not. To this end, he built his own machine, the Wonder Wasp, by repurposing an old passion project of his that was previously intended just for recreational use. Tanaka is considering proposing to Summer if he is to win, though he'd believe any victory on his part to be from pure luck.


Tanaka, like many other characters in the series, has a tall, muscle-bound build. He has dark brown hair in a crew-cut style and is almost always seen with his eyes closed.

Tanaka wears a white bodysuit with the upper chest and shoulder area colored blue, and with matching blue gloves and boots. The bodysuit has "J. Tanaka" written towards his left shoulder, and both shoulders are affixed with small golden spaulders. Just below his name is a logo of a blue sphere surrounded by two black rings. He also wears a belt with a golden buckle on it, inscribed with the letter G, a pair of white, circular headphones.

His outfit remains mostly the same throughout the series, but in F-Zero Climax, the sphere logo is green and moved to the center of his chest, and the spaulders are replaced by much larger golden pauldrons.


Tanaka makes his first playable appearance in F-Zero X. His machine, the Wonder Wasp, is in the third row on the machine select screen. It is unlocked alongside the rest of the third row (Night Thunder, Twin Noritta, Queen Meteor, Blood Hawk, and Astro Robin) if the player earns six X marks in Grand Prix mode.

In F-Zero Climax, Tanaka is unlocked by coming in first place in the Gold Cup on Expert difficulty.[1]

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

John TanakaX.png John Tanaka
No. Age Machine
26 30 Wonder Wasp
Instruction manual description
Tanaka, an engineer, and member of the Milky Way Federation, is supposed to be assisting Jody Summer. His concern for his colleague compelled him to join the Grand Prix. He seems to be more interested in protecting Jody Summer than winning the Grand Prix.
Ending screen

F-Zero GX

GX John Tanaka.png John Tanaka
No. Age Sex Machine Cost Autograph
26 31 Male File:GX-Logo-Wonder Wasp.png 8 File:GX-Autograph-John Tanaka.png
John, the mechanic of the Galactic Space Federation, is in the same unit as Jody Summer. Secretly harboring feelings for her, he entered the race to protect her from danger. If, by a stroke of luck, he wins the Grand Prix, he's even considering proposing.
Default Orange Green Red
GX John Tanaka Default.png GX John Tanaka Orange.png GX John Tanaka Green.png GX John Tanaka Red.png



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