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Rainbow Phoenix

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Rainbow Phoenix
Rainbow Phoenix.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Phoenix
Number 40
Creator Phoenix
Engine RP2001x2
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1080 kg
Body B
Boost B
Grip C

The Rainbow Phoenix is Phoenix's racing machine. Like Phoenix, the Rainbow Phoenix is from the future, where it is used as an undercover patrol car for the Galactic Space Police, though Phoenix designed and built it himself. Because of its advanced technology from the future, a performance limiter has been installed to allow it to race in the F-Zero races. The machine currently runs at 80 percent of its full potential.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX / AX

In F-Zero AX, Phoenix and the Rainbow Phoenix are available from the start. In F-Zero GX, they become available for purchase after the player has cleared chapter 1 in Story mode on Very Hard difficulty. The Rainbow Phoenix is available to use in four colors: Red (default), orange, blue, and green.

Rainbow Phoenix.png Rainbow Phoenix
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Phoenix RP2001x2 1080kg
The Rainbow Phoenix is usually used as an undercover patrol car. It wasn't built by the Galactic Space Police, though--Phoenix designed and built it himself in secret. It's tuned to be a very easy machine for novice pilots to control. Since it's actually a machine from the future made with an unknown advanced technology, it has the ability to win the championship easily. Because of this unfair advantage, a limiter has been installed to reduce its capabilities. The Rainbow Phoenix currently runs at only 80 percent of its potential.

Design and namesake


The Rainbow Phoenix goes by a distinctively blunt avian design. In the very front is a downward angled nose that has the cockpit behind it with a singular fin behind it and an exhaust vent. To the sides are two air intakes and thin wings with tips that extend when boosting. In the way back are the two engines, each with a fin on the top and outer side, exhaust vent on the inner side, and gray connector in the front. The machine is colored red and pink.


The Rainbow Phoenix combines the words rainbow, an optical phenomenon in the form of an arc representing the colors of the visible spectrum and phoenix, a mythical avian associated with fire.


Despite being called rainbow, the Rainbow Phoenix is only colored red, as opposed to being multi-colored. The machine's straightforward avian design is meant to reflect on the phoenix aspect heavily.



  • The Rainbow Phoenix is the only non-custom machine to have three selectable parts to apply emblems in Garage: the mainframe and its two expandable wings.
  • The Rainbow Phoenix's engines are similar to the Blue Falcon's having the first letters of the words in front followed by a 2000 number.
    • Similarly, the Blue Falcon's original engines were BF2001s as revealed in the Blood Hawk's engines.
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