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Short Cut Foul

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Official Recorder readjusting the Fire Stingray when it took a deep shortcut.

A Short Cut Foul is when a too extreme of a shortcut is detected by the use of a Jump Plate and the Official Recorder readjusts the pilot's position on the track, usually further behind on the track, to make things fair again. This can be triggered pretty easily on Port Town I or Port Town II. When being carried, the boost time remaining is halted.

In F-Zero X, the player just falls through the track and retires. In F-Zero GX, the machine explodes upon impact trying to land back on the track. Each game, the pilot needs to make it through invisible checkpoints, and skipping 2-4 is tolerable[citation needed], which a Staff Ghost on Mute City Jumps of Doom abuses this rule.

In F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, F-Zero: GP Legend, and F-Zero Climax, extreme shortcutting is allowed.