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Big Fang

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Big Fang
Big Fang.png
Pilot Bio Rex
Number 15
Creator Dinosaur Racing Team
Engine TYRANNO-28x3
Weight 1520 kg
Body B
Boost D
Grip A
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The Big Fang was designed by the Dinosaur Racing Team to be used by Bio Rex when he entered the Grand Prix. Although they withdrew support for him, he was able to keep the machine. The machine was designed with Bio Rex's violent tendencies in mind and as such features and incredibly tight control scheme that works well with Bio Rex's fierce reflexes. It also supports a strong grip and an above-average body, but a below-average boost.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

F-Zero GX[edit]

The Big Fang is available to use in four colors: Green (default), red, blue, and purple.

Big Fang.png Big Fang
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Dinosaur Racing Team TYRANNO-28x3 1520 kg
Big Fang was designed by the laboratory scientist group that brought Bio Rex to life. They formed a racing team and then designed and manufactured Big Fang to accommodate Bio Rex's dinosaur-like body. The machine was designed with total emphasis on control to compensate for the violent nature and fierce reflexes of its pilot. The Big Fang's ease of control may well be the very point that makes it a top-class F-Zero machine.


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