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Big Fang

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Big Fang
Big Fang.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Bio Rex
Number 15
Creator Dinosaur Racing Team
Engine TYRANNO-28x3
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1520 kg
Body B
Boost D
Grip A

The Big Fang was designed by the Dinosaur Racing Team to be used by Bio Rex when he entered the Grand Prix. Although they withdrew support for him, he was able to keep the machine. The machine was designed with Bio Rex's violent tendencies in mind and as such features and incredibly tight control scheme that works well with Bio Rex's fierce reflexes. It also supports a strong grip and an above-average body, but a below-average boost.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Big Fang becomes available after earning three X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Iron Tiger, Deep Claw, Crazy Bear, Great Star, and Mad Wolf. It is available to use in four colors: Dark green (default), red, light green, and cyan.

F-Zero GX

The Big Fang is available to use in four colors: Green (default), red, blue, and purple.

Big Fang.png Big Fang
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Dinosaur Racing Team TYRANNO-28x3 1520 kg
Big Fang was designed by the laboratory scientist group that brought Bio Rex to life. They formed a racing team and then designed and manufactured Big Fang to accommodate Bio Rex's dinosaur-like body. The machine was designed with total emphasis on control to compensate for the violent nature and fierce reflexes of its pilot. The Big Fang's ease of control may well be the very point that makes it a top-class F-Zero machine.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Big Fang becomes available after clearing the bronze cup on novice or higher. While the acceleration isn't the best, it has good top speed and cornering.

F-Zero Climax

The Big Fang becomes available after clearing the platinum cup on standard or higher.

Design and namesake


The Big Fang's design goes by a solid build with traces of lethality. The rear area is rectangular in shape which holds the frontal details including two metallic tips curved inwards, and the cockpit. Underneath the cockpit is a construct angled upward with a cooling vent. There's a protruding cover in the very back that lines up with the cockpit, and rear exhaust vents. The engines are arranged in a triangular fashion. The machine's primary color is green with a white stripe running across part of the rear cover.


The Big Fang combines the words big, describing something that's great in size and fang, a large, sharp tooth.


While being called big, the Big Fang is actually around the average machine size. The fang aspect is reflected on the silver tips on the front of the car resembling fangs which also relate to Bio Rex's sharp teeth due to him being a dinosaur. The big could relate to that as well, since teeth are usually very small.

Differences between games

The Big Fang's original design in F-Zero X made the vehicle's tip connection appear smoother. The colors were also originally a brownish-green with white tips. In F-Zero GX, the Big Fang gained a small white fin right behind the cockpit while the tips had a slight red tint at the very ends. Starting with F-Zero: GP Legend, the tips became triangular instead of rounded.


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