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Great Star

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Great Star
Great Star.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Mr. EAD
Number 09
Creator Shiggs Mapone
Engine EAD152x2
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1870kg
Body E
Boost A
Grip D

The Great Star is Mr. EAD's machine in the F-Zero series since F-Zero X. It was designed by a Shiggs Mapone, who is rumored to be in charge of a group known as "EAD". Mapone designed the Great Star to have a strong boost, but the body is weak and the grip is below average.

Along with MR. EAD himself, the Great Star is a reference to the Mario franchise. The Great Star is named after the Super Stars that are collected in several games, with the logo of the machine having a Super Star image between the words "Great" and "Star". According to an interview with F-Zero TV, the Great Star is recycled from parts of Mr. EAD's android brother. The designer, Shiggs Mapone, is also a reference to the creator of both the Mario and F-Zero series, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Great Star is unlocked by earning three X's through Grand Prix races alongside the Iron Tiger, Deep Claw, Crazy Bear, Big Fang, and Mad Wolf. It is available to use in four colors: Purple (default), orange, light blue, and green.

F-Zero GX

The Great Star is available to use in four colors: Purple (default), green, pink, and yellow

Great Star.png Great Star
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Shiggs Mapone EAD152×2 1870kg
This machine was designed by Shiggs Mapone, rumored to be the head of a mysterious underground development group known as EAD. Mapone took on the design of the Great Star with visions of it achieving F-Zero Grand Prix championship status. Mapone totally neglected stability when designing this machine, but added a very strong booster—he likely did this because he knew the pilot manning the machine would be an invulnerable android.

F-Zero GP Legend

The Great Star is unlocked by maxing out Rick Wheeler's prize money in Story mode at $255,000,000. The acceleration is average with some decent cornering and good top speed.

F-Zero: Climax

The Great Star becomes available after clearing the bronze cup on expert or higher.

Design and namesake


The Great Star is a hulking racer. It's design is reminiscent to that of a sleigh with its main body and bottom legs. The main body is big with an upward pointing nose, outward slanted edges near the canopy and corresponding alignments to the aforementioned details for the main component segment behind it. In the back are the engines arranged horizontally. The cockpit is in the center of the downward sloped area. In the top of the primary component piece is a protruding cooling vent. Below the main body area the legs of the machine. They're connected on the very ends of the sides of the main body. The legs themselves are fairly thin with vents at the ends and contain the hover vents on the bottom. Great Star is mainly colored purple. On the sides of the main body is a yellow star with a tail and reads the machine's name.


The Great Star combines the words great, a term to describe something above average and star, a stellar object that produces light.


Ironically, the Great Star's design has little to do with its name. The machine does not take on a star design and there are no confirmed purple stars in space. As for the "Great" in its name, most of its performances are actually below average as opposed to above average. While there is a star printed on the sides of the car, the correlation is very weak.

Differences between games

Very few changes are made to Great Star going from game to game. There appears to be a graphical error in F-Zero GX where the hover vents in the legs are missing. There are two other differences in the aforementioned game. The engine count is two but it has two big exhaust ports and two small ones where the other games have them all the same size. This concludes that the Great Star has two engine blocks. Most games have the Great Star in a solid color having it a dark purple in F-Zero X and a lilac color in F-Zero: GP Legend and Climax. GX made the legs, canopy and top ventilation more of a violet and had the rest colored a lighter purple.



  • The Great Star's stats reflect the name of its pilot, Mr. EAD.
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