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Energy, or Power, is the life meter of the machine. It is not how much fuel it has, as that is indefinite. Energy is lost to Anti-Gravity Guide Beams, Craters (or Lava), Down-Pull Magnets, Left-Pull and Right-Pull Magnets, Mines, Traps, Lasers, not landing softly after a jump (hold D-Pad down, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, F-Zero: GP Legend, and F-Zero Climax only), other racers, stage-specific props (F-Zero GX only, such as Fire Field Undulation and using it's Jump Plate or Port Town Long Pipe), or objects specific to F-Zero GX Story, if the pilot collides with one. If the meter goes beyond zero, the machine explodes/crashes. In F-Zero and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, it is optional but recommended to heal in pits. In F-Zero X, F-Zero GX, F-Zero: GP Legend, and F-Zero Climax, it is essential to use pits for boosting more than just a handful of times.

Body grade plays a role in how much abuse a machine can take if it takes damage. The lower the grade, the more the energy meter depletes. Conversely, lower scoring bodies fill up the meter much more quickly than higher scoring bodies.

When the meter is about 1/5 to 1/6 full, the game will issue audio and visual cues that the machine is at risk of exploding. The machine will blink white or red, twitch, or smoke. A warning siren will keep sounding until the pilot heals. Thrusters will change color. In F-Zero and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, the more the machine takes on damage, the slower the machine's top speed is. F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, the boost doesn't reach max potential. The intensity of which all these effects happen depends on how much of that fraction is further reduced, meaning the far left it does all these things frequently while the far right, it does so infrequently.

Energy can be recovered by attacking.

In F-Zero, the body system is shown as MAX POWER. The higher the number, the more abuse the machine can take.

In F-Zero 99, maximum power increases every time the machine KOs a gray bumper or another player's machine. This power increase lasts through the entire race and the rest of the Grand Prix or Mini Prix in those modes. When the machine KOs another player's machine, their energy will be fully restored as well. However, KOing a bumper will only grant a slight increase to the machine's power.


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