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Hyper Speeder

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Hyper Speeder
Hyper Speeder.png
Pilot Beastman
Number 18
Creator Unknown, modified by Dr. Clash
Engine FGS-G105Sx3
Weight 1460 kg
Body C
Boost C
Grip A
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The Hyper Speeder is Beastman's racing machine since F-Zero X. During one of Beastman's exterminations of alien creatures, he came across this wrecked machine in the jungle, gunned down from an interplanetary war. Taking it to Dr. Clash, Beastman had it fixed up and repurposed for racing. The Hyper Speeder has a strong grip with average body and boost.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

F-Zero GX[edit]

The Hyper Speeder is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), orange, purple, and red.

Hyper Speeder.png Hyper Speeder
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Unknown, modified by Dr. Clash FGS-G105Sx3 1460 kg
When Beastman was exterminating alien beasts in the jungle, he stumble across the wreckage of a fighter craft that had been gunned down a long time ago during an interplanetary war. Beastman took the wreck to Doctor Clash and had him economically remodel it into an F-Zero machine. Unlike Doctor Clash's machine, which has extremely weak grip capabilities, the Hyper Speeder was redesigned with top-class grip performance in mind.


The cockpit and air intakes of the Hyper Speeder appear to be inspired by an F-15 Eagle.