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Practice is a mode found in F-Zero, F-Zero X, F-Zero GX, and F-Zero 99. As its name implies, this mode allows players to practice their racing skills on various courses.


In F-Zero, practice mode allowed players to play through seven courses with any of the four default machines, as well as decide as whether or not they wanted to race by themselves or have a rival present in the race. Like ordinary gameplay, boosts are awarded after every lap, and five laps are required.

The following courses are available for use in Practice mode:

  • Mute City I
  • Big Blue
  • Sand Ocean
  • Death Wind I
  • Silence
  • White Land I
  • Port Town II

F-Zero X

Practice mode in F-Zero X was expanded upon compared to F-Zero; instead of a small collection of tracks, players can play any track in any cup that they have unlocked; if the X Cup is selected, then a single randomly-created track is created. Furthermore, the player is given unlimited laps to race, and they must also contend with 29 other racers, pegged to the Novice difficulty, like normal gameplay; before the race, players can also modify their engine settings if necessary. Unlike Grand Prix mode, the player has immediate access to boosting.

Practice runs will last as long as the player continues to race; they can quit by either using the pause menu, or by retiring.

F-Zero GX

Practice mode returned in F-Zero GX, though it has a number of improvements over its F-Zero X incarnation. Again, players can select any track and racer that they have unlocked, as well as modify engine settings, and once again, they start off with the ability to boost; however, they can now decide on how many laps they want to race (ranging from infinite to 20), as well as decide on how many other racers they want on the track and what their difficulty should be set to. A "restore" option was also added, where if the player retires, then their machine will be re-energised and placed back on the course after a few seconds.

F-Zero 99

With the latest instalment in the F-Zero Series, F-Zero 99, came the return of Practice mode. Again, players can select any track they have previously played (except for the Special Tracks) with the four default machines but cannot choose to have a rival present. In place of the rival, you can choose to have a ghost of your last practice available for all machines or just the machine you are currently using.

Practices are four laps long, and because of the way the game works, the timer keeps going even if you are in the home menu.

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