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Deep Claw

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Deep Claw
Deep Claw.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Octoman
Number 08
Creator Kurosuminov Universal Shipbuilders
Engine OCT-108×2+ASHI-24×2
Vehicle statistics
Weight 990 kg
Body B
Boost B
Grip C

The Deep Claw is Octoman's racing machine and has been his machine of choice since F-Zero X. The machine was a used F-Zero racecar bought by the Takoraians with no adjustments made to it, other than the cockpit being adjusted to fit a Takoraian. Its body and boost are above average, with its grip being average.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Deep Claw becomes available after earning three X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Iron Tiger, Crazy Bear, Great Star, Big Fang, and Mad Wolf. It is available to use in four colors: Red (default), orange, green, and cyan.

F-Zero GX

The Deep Claw is available in four colors: Red (default), purple, green, and blue.

Deep Claw.png Deep Claw
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Kurosuminov Universal Shipbuilders OCT-108×2+ASHI-24×2 990kg
The planet of Takora doesn't have highly advanced scientific technology, so it was a challenge for the Takoraians to make a quality racer. They bought a used F-Zero machine with standard balance capabilities and equipped it with a cockpit that would make it easy for a Takoraian to operate. The Takoraians changed nothing in terms of the machine's capabilities—they are set to standard, providing the machine with a relaxed feel. If this machine is ever to win a Grand Prix, it will likely need some serious adjustment.

F-zero: GP Legend

The Deep Claw becomes available after clearing the gold cup on novice or higher. It has extremely fast acceleration and strong turning but has a very slow speed.

F-Zero Climax

The Deep Claw becomes available after clearing the silver cup on standard or higher.

Design and namesake


The Deep Claw is a fairly short, three-pronged racecar. The outer sides are slightly rounded and have pyramid shaped tips on the front ends. Its nose takes on more of a triangular prism shape. Behind it is the cockpit. In the back are the engines arranged horizontally with the big OCT engines in the middle, and the small ASHI engines on the outer edges. On top of the back is a spoiler with curved tips and a cooling vent in front of it. The machine is primarily red with black stripes on the side points and rear cover and a few orange details.


The Deep Claw combines the words deep, extending far from the surface of something and claw, a curved, pointed appendage of an animal.


The deep aspect of Deep Claw relates to Octoman's standing as an octopus since octopuses live in the depths of the ocean. The machine's prongs are meant to resemble claws found in many different animals, but not typically octopuses.

Differences between games

The Deep Claw in F-Zero X was very aerodynamic and had its spoiler half red, half orange. The red was also much darker. In F-Zero GX, the Deep Claw gained four cooling vents, two each on both the tops and sides of the side wings. There was also an orange fin behind the cockpit, orange stripes on a red spoiler, and an orange spoiler connector. The Game Boy Advance games removed all orange detailing making it only red and black.



  • The Deep Claw's number 08 as well as it's name being 8 letters long reference how Octoman is an octopus, who are naturally associated with the number due to posessing 8 arms, with Octo in fact meaning eight in both Greek and Latin.
  • The Deep Claw is one of three machines having two different makes of engines built into the machine. The others being the Blood Hawk and the Groovy Taxi.
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