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J. B. Crystal

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J B Crystal Logo.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Jane B. Christie
Vehicle statistics
Max Normal Speed 418 km/h
Max Boost Speed 560 km/h
Boost Time 9.5
Strength 63
Turn Performance C
Turn Balance A
The J.B. Crystal's pickup graph

The J.B. Crystal is Jane B. Christie's F-Zero machine in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. It is a teal, irregular octagonal shaped vehicle with two headlights, a spade on the left side and special vent ports near the cockpit. Its name is a clear reference to its pilot. The J. B. Crystal doesn't have a very fast top speed and only has average cornering but it has a good acceleration, pretty powerful boost that lasts for nine-and-a-half seconds and is extremely stable. It is one of four vehicles available from the start including the Hot Violet, Fire Ball and Wind Walker.

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