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Rolling Turtle

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Rolling Turtle
Rolling Turtle.png
Vehicle information
Pilot QQQ
Number 39
Creator Phoenix
Engine SS-A310-CTx4
Vehicle statistics
Weight 999 kg
Body A
Boost D
Grip B

The Rolling Turtle is QQQ's racing machine, constructed by Phoenix from a discarded military satellite. Phoenix turned the satellite into a racing machine so that QQQ could provide mission support. Because the satellite was built with highly durable parts, the Rolling Turtle has a strong body with above-average grip, but a below-average boost.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX / AX

In F-Zero AX, QQQ and the Rolling Turtle are available from the start. In F-Zero GX, they become available for purchase after the player has cleared chapter 3 in Story mode on Very Hard difficulty. The Rolling Turtle is available to use in four colors: Green and blue (default), blue and purple, yellow and cyan, and purple and green.

Rolling Turtle.png Rolling Turtle
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Phoenix SS-A310-CTx4 999kg
Phoenix constructed the Rolling Turtle from a man-made military satellite that had been discarded in a galactic waste-management facility. He turned the parts into an F-Zero machine so that his partner, QQQ, could man it to provide mission support. Because it was originally constructed with highly durable parts for military purposes, Phoenix has absolute confidence in the body strength of the Rolling Turtle.

Design and namesake


The Rolling Turtle has a highly unorthodox design compared to the rest of the machines. The primary body is a short and wide octagonal prism with an open front revealing the machine's various components and a small triangular foot underneath. On the right-hand side is QQQ's gray colored cockpit that sticks out the front with a streamlined nose, a small windshield and an antenna right behind where QQQ sits. On the left is a triangular structure with wings to help keep the machine stabilized due to its asymmetrical appearance. On the sides of the machine are four trapezoidal plates with fins extending out backwards that have triangular solar panels. The engines are divided into two vertical pairs angled downward to act as both repulsion and propulsion. The rightmost engines appear to expel more exhaust which leads to more throttle. Most of the machine is a dark green whereas the fins are dark gray and the panels are blue with purple dots.


The Rolling Turtle combines the words rolling, another term for a vehicle that operates and turtle, a hard-shell reptile. The name of the vehicle could also be a reference to Nintendo's Kirby series, where Rolling Turtle is seen as a mid-boss in Kirby's Adventure.


The Rolling Turtle's name is a slight oxymoron. It's performances and color are meant to relate to a real life turtle's slow and protective demeanor and typical green color respectively. The rolling aspect is meant to reflect upon the F-Zero's high-speed action and how this "turtle" is able be operational as a speedster rather than one of the slowest things on the track.


  • The Rolling Turtle is unique in a number of different ways.
    • It is the lightest machine with an A in body at 999 kilograms, 621 kilograms lighter than the Wild Goose.
    • It is the only machine that lacks a canopy, exposing the driver.
    • It is the only machine that has two details change two different colors with alternate colors: the main frame and the solar panels on the fins.
    • It is the only machine to lack repulsion vents on the bottom.
    • It is the only machine that is named after a very slow animal; in this case, a turtle.
    • It is the only machine where the driver is always rendered in the vehicle.
  • The machine's weight of 999 kilograms is a pun based on the fact that Q and the Japanese word for 9 (kyū) are pronounced the same, as well as the fact the pilot of this machine is named QQQ (pronounced "Q Three").


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