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Bianca City

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Bianca City
FZMV Motion Strip.png
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Racing on Bianca City's Stretch Circuit (top), Tightrope Circuit (middle), and Ultimate Circuit (bottom)
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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Stretch Circuit, Tightrope Circuit, Ultimate Circuit
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Bianca City (ビアンカ シティー, Bianca City[?]) is a growing city located on Earth in F-Zero Maximum Velocity for the Game Boy Advance. It is named after the wife of the first mayor and founder of the city. 40 years ago, a large deposit of extremely pure titanium was discovered at Bianca City. As a result, the village became a boomtown overnight. As it grew, it gradually replaced Mute City as the center of economic, political, and cultural activity in the galaxy.[1]


Stretch Circuit

FZMV Pawn 1.png

Tightrope Circuit

FZMV Bishop 1.png

Ultimate Circuit

FZMV Bishop 5.png