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Wild Boar

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Wild Boar
Wild Boar.png
Wild Boar
Pilot Michael Chain
Number 24
Engine AM9021-Rx2
Weight 2110 kg
Body A
Boost C
Grip C
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The Wild Boar is Michael Chain's F-Zero racing machine since F-Zero X. It is a heavily armored machine, capable of taking and dealing heavy damage, which is perfect for Michael's racing style. It is also known for being the loudest machine in F-Zero history, with the airfoils along its spine rumored to exist just make the machine even louder. The Wild Boar has a strong body with average boost and grip.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

F-Zero GX[edit]

The Wild Boar is available to use in four colors: Orange (default), purple, green, and blue.

Wild Boar.png Wild Boar
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Unknown AM9021-Rx2 2110kg
Heavily reinforced body work makes the Wild Boar a top-notch crash machine...which is perfect for Michael Chain's smash-'em-up racing style. Michael's machine is famous for being the loudest in F-Zero history--it's even rumored that the four airfoils along the spine of the Wild Boar are only there to make the machine louder.