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Dark Schneider

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Dark Schneider
Dark Schneider.png
The Dark Schneider in F-Zero GX
Vehicle information
Pilot Deathborn
Number 00
Creator Unknown
Engine DS021Px3
Vehicle statistics
Weight 2080kg
Body A
Boost B
Grip D

The Dark Schneider is a powerful machine that Deathborn has nicknamed the "Wings of Darkness". The machine is designed with a dragon motif and Deathborn's subordinate, Black Shadow, installed an safety measure into the cockpit: If anyone other than Deathborn enters the machine, poisonous needles will fire out of the dashboard. The Dark Schneider has a strong body and an above-average boost, but a below-average grip.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX

The Dark Schneider, along with Deathborn, become available for purchase once the player clears all chapters of Story mode in F-Zero GX on normal difficulty. The Dark Schneider is available to use in four colors: Purple (default), blue, red, and green.

Dark Schneider.png Dark Schneider
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Unknown DS021P×3 2080kg
Just like its pilot, Deathborn, this machine is surrounded by a mysterious veil. The fuselage and nosepiece were designed in a dragon motif, both of them protected by the strength of a top-class body. As further protection, Black Shadow has equipped an antitheft measure for his leader: If anybody other than Deathborn sits in the cockpit, needles fire out of the dash and inject a deadly poison into the intruder.

Design and namesake


The Dark Schneider appears as a sleek and aerodynamic heavy-duty racer. The body houses a majority of its weight in the rear leaving a small snout in the front. The nose is jagged on both sides and contains cooling vents both on the tip and the top. In the rear houses the three engines arranged in a triangle shape with spikes protruding out the back. The two bottom engines have intakes to help them cool down whereas the top engine is completely covered. There are three fins on the ends of the engine covers. The cockpit is found directly in the center of the car and is rounded to aid in aerodynamics. The Dark Schneider's primary color is a dark purple. All over it are scratches and dents (which are most likely a callback to Deathborn's murderous racing style). Despite being classified as number 00, the car does not have a number anywhere on it.


The Dark Schneider is comprised of the words dark, a term to describe something evil or with little lighting, and schneider, a card game term for a low card point score that can boost a players score.


The dark part of Dark Schneider refers to the dark purple that the machine is colored. Schneider slightly relates to the card game term due to its suitability towards destructive racing and how destroying racers can be a low score but can be enough to win if the right racers are killed.


  • Dark Schneider is somewhat notorious among players for having notably worse performance than its listed stats would indicate. This is because the machine has abnormally high drag, a hidden stat. If this stat were lowered to be in line with other official machines, it is likely that Dark Schneider would be one of the most powerful among them.


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