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Story (F-Zero: GP Legend)

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Character select for story mode.

The story mode in F-Zero: GP Legend has intertwining segments between eight of the playable characters: Rick Wheeler, Captain Falcon, Jody Summer, Jack Levin, Samurai Goroh, Lisa Brilliant, Black Shadow, and Zoda. Each pilot has five chapters each, with an optional one for Rick and Captain Falcon if certain requirements are met, earning cash by completing objectives. The player initially starts with only Rick Wheeler's storyline, with other characters opening upon meeting them in missions. Each pilot can earn up to $2.55 billion. Completing story lines and maxing out earnings unlocks various machines[1].


Character Episodes Location Other characters Concurrent episode
GPL Rick Story Icon.png
Rick Wheeler
Rick Wheeler #1 Mute City Octoman, Zoda
Rick Wheeler #2 Mute City Captain Falcon Captain Falcon #2, Zoda #1
Rick Wheeler #3 Fire Field Captain Falcon, Jack Levin
Rick Wheeler #4 Port Town Jack Levin, Jody Summer, Black Shadow
Rick Wheeler #5 Big Blue Zoda, Jack Levin, Black Shadow Jack Levin #5, Zoda #5
Rick Wheeler #X White Land Black Shadow Black Shadow #5
GPL Falcon Story Icon.png
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon #1 Mute City Dr. Clash, Zoda
Captain Falcon #2 Mute City Rick Wheeler, Zoda Rick Wheeler #2, Zoda #1
Captain Falcon #3 Red Canyon Samurai Goroh Samurai Goroh #3
Captain Falcon #4 Port Town Blood Falcon, Lisa Brilliant
Captain Falcon #5 Lightning Black Shadow, Jody Summer Black Shadow #4
Captain Falcon #X Sand Ocean Jody Summer, Blood Falcon Jody Summer #5
GPL Jody Story Icon.png
Jody Summer
Jody Summer #1 Silence Michael Chain
Jody Summer #2 Port Town Blood Falcon
Jody Summer #3 Port Town Rick Wheeler, Jack Levin, Blood Falcon
Jody Summer #4 Mute City Jack Levin, Dr. Stewart, Captain Falcon Jack Levin #4
Jody Summer #5 Sand Ocean Captain Falcon, Blood Falcon Captain Falcon #X
GPL Jack Story Icon.png
Jack Levin
Jack Levin #1 Mute City Dr. Stewart, Jody Summer
Jack Levin #2 Silence Dr. Stewart, Jody Summer
Jack Levin #3 Port Town Mr. EAD, Jody Summer, Rick Wheeler
Jack Levin #4 Mute City Jody Summer, Dr. Stewart Jody Summer #4
Jack Levin #5 Big Blue Rick Wheeler, Black Shadow Rick Wheeler #5, Zoda #5
GPL Goroh Story Icon.png
Samurai Goroh
Samurai Goroh #1 Red Canyon
Samurai Goroh #2 Red Canyon Lisa Brilliant Lisa Brilliant #2
Samurai Goroh #3 Red Canyon Captain Falcon Captain Falcon #3
Samurai Goroh #4 Sand Ocean Black Shadow Black Shadow #3
Samurai Goroh #5 Silence Antonio Guster
GPL Lisa Story Icon.png
Lisa Brilliant
Lisa Brilliant #1 Red Canyon Black Shadow Black Shadow #1
Lisa Brilliant #2 Red Canyon Samurai Goroh Samurai Goroh #2
Lisa Brilliant #3 Silence Antonio Guster
Lisa Brilliant #4 Mute City Zoda, Black Shadow Zoda #3
Lisa Brilliant #5 Lightning Black Shadow, Captain Falcon
GPL Shadow Story Icon.png
Black Shadow
Black Shadow #1 Red Canyon Lisa Brilliant Lisa Brilliant #1
Black Shadow #2 ??? Zoda Zoda #2
Black Shadow #3 Sand Ocean Samurai Goroh Samurai Goroh #4
Black Shadow #4 Lightning Captain Falcon Captain Falcon #5
Black Shadow #5 White Land Rick Wheeler Rick Wheeler #X
GPL Zoda Story Icon.png
Zoda #1
Zoda #2
Zoda #3
Zoda #4
Zoda #5

Order of events[edit]


By completing certain objectives, certain machines become available:

Astro Robin.png Astro Robin Clear Jack Levin's story mode
Black Bull.png Black Bull Clear Black Shadow's story mode
Death Anchor.png Death Anchor Clear Zoda's story mode
Elegeance Liberty.png Elegance Liberty (International versions) Clear Rick Wheeler or Captain Falcon's story mode
Great Star.png Great Star Max out Rick Wheeler's cash
Hyper Speeder.png Hyper Speeder Max out Zoda's cash
King Meteor.png King Meteor Max out Black Shadow's cash
Little Wyvern.png Little Wyvern Max out Lisa Brilliant's cash
Panzer Emerald.png Panzer Emerald Clear Lisa Brilliant's story mode
Queen Meteor.png Queen Meteor Max out Samurai Goroh's cash
Twin Noritta.png Twin Noritta Max out Captain Falcon's cash
White Cat.png White Cat Clear Jody Summer's story mode
Wonder Wasp.png Wonder Wasp Clear everyone's story modes