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Pilot Profiles

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Pilot Profiles are a feature in F-Zero GX where players can read about the backstory of the various pilots in the game, as well as view the models of both the pilots and their vehicle. The player can access the profile of any racer that they have unlocked.

Pilot Data

Selecting a pilot will take the player to the Pilot Data screen. On this screen, the player is provided a backstory of the pilot in question, as well as their sex and age. An illustration is also briefly shown to the player, before fading into a model of the pilot as seen in the F-Zero TV sequences in the game. A constantly rotating model of their vehicle is also provided, behind the pilot. Pressing L or R on this screen allows the player to view the four different colour schemes available for the pilot and his or her vehicle; unusually, this feature also works with the illustration when a pilot's profile is first accessed.

In addition, music associated for the pilot in question plays in the background of this screen, and continues on all other screens available for the pilot.

Machine Introduction

Pressing the X button on the Pilot Data screen allows the player to view in-depth information about the pilot's vehicle, including who made their vehicle, what model engine they have, and the in-game stats for the vehicle itself. The player can also examine the machine in detail by rotating it with the control stick, as well as zooming in and out with the C-stick. Like the Pilot Data screen, players can also change the colours of the vehicle via the L and R buttons.

View Movie

After clearing any cup on Master difficulty with a pilot, a special movie for that specific pilot can be viewed by pressing Y on the Pilot Data screen. These short movies are light-hearted in tone, often featuring characters humorously performing banal tasks, dancing to their theme music, or experiencing embarrassing moments, among other comical situations.

The special movies cannot be unlocked if the player uses a custom machine to win the cup on Master difficulty.