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Super Piranha

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Super Piranha
Super Piranha.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Kate Alen
Number 12
Creator Team Power Boys
Engine 0Z-P1x2
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1010kg
Body B
Boost C
Grip B

The Super Piranha is Kate Alen's racing machine in the F-Zero series, first appearing in F-Zero X. Kate Alen had it commissioned with her fortune from her musical career and it also has a "hi-fi" sound cockpit that drowns outside noise with her music. The Super Piranha has above-average body and grip with an average boost, but is among the lightest machines.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Super Piranha becomes available after earning nine X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Little Wyvern, Death Anchor, Wild Boar, King Meteor, and Mighty Hurricane. It is available to use in four colors: Teal (default), yellow, black, and green.

F-Zero GX

The Super Piranha is available to use in four colors: Teal (default), black, yellow, and blue.

Super Piranha.png Super Piranha
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Tema Power Boys 0Z-P1x2 1010kg
Kate Alen commissioned the Super Piranha's construction with some of the massive fortune she accumulated throughout her musical career. The machine is solid—it boasts stable racing capabilities in a categories. In order to drown out engine rumble and outside noise with her music, she had a pure hi-fi sound cockpit constructed for the Super Piranha.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Super Piranha becomes available after clearing the silver cup on expert. It has tremendous acceleration and very good turning but doesn't go very fast.

F-Zero Climax

The Super Piranha becomes available after clearing the bronze cup on master.

Design and namesake


The Super Piranha's design is both sleek and orthodox. The main base is comprised of two rounded edges that form a nose in the front and make fins in the back. In the center is the cockpit with a small window canopy. In the very back is a fender on top of the machine and the two engines arranged horizontally. The machine is primarily a vibrant turquoise with the cockpit and rear stripes rose-colored.


The Super Piranha is comprised of the words super, of excellent quality and piranha, a small, predatory freshwater fish.


The Super Piranha has a distinct fish-like appearance and is meant to relate to the piranha aspect heavily. Super is meant to relate to the vehicle's well-balanced statistics.

Differences between games

The Super Piranha's original appearance in F-Zero X had more of a jagged appearance. The game's manual depicted the machine having its name imprinted on the cockpit in white. F-Zero GX made the vehicle more smooth and rounded while making it shorter and adding six cooling vents on the front of the wings. When it transitioned into the Game Boy Advance games, its length was extended while thinning its width and changed from turquoise to dark blue.



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