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Misaki Haruka

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Misaki Haruka
FZC Miss Killer Survival Portrait.png
Character information
Machine Moon Shadow
Gender Female
Game Appearance(s) F-Zero: GP Legend
F-Zero Climax

Known as "Miss Killer" (ミス キラー, Misu Kirā[?]) in the Japanese version and "Luna Ryder" in the English dub, she is the right hand woman for Black Shadow and works as his spy. However her true identity is Misaki Haruka (ミサキ ハルカ, Misaki Haruka[?]) and was Rick's girlfriend in the year 2051 that was supposedly killed by Zoda. Like Rick, she was kept in suspended animation until she was revived, though she was brainwashed by Black Shadow.


Misaki Haruka Anime.jpg

In the anime she is Black Shadow's right-hand woman. She was in deep freeze when Zoda brainwashed her. She usually wins when she races, which is one reason why Black Shadow values her. Zoda doesn't appear to like her. Later on, she recovered her memories, which forced Black Shadow to turn against her. She is later saved by Captain Falcon. In the last episode, she is working in the bar where Captain Falcon's secret identity previously worked.


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