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GX Leon.png
Character information
Machine Space Angler
Age 15 (F-Zero X)
16 (F-Zero GX)
Gender Male
Game Appearance(s) F-Zero X
F-Zero GX
F-Zero: GP Legend
F-Zero Climax
Voice F-Zero GX - Jeff Gedert

Leon (レオン, Reon[?]) is the pilot of the Space Angler, and a recurring playable character in the F-Zero series.


Leon hails from Zou, a planet known for being the host of a deadly war against an invading race that claimed the lives of Leon's parents when he was four years old. The war was brought to its end when Fable, a warrior once allied with the invaders, grew enraged at the brutality of his comrades and defected to the side of Zou, helping lead the planet to victory. Even with this victory, however, Zou's infrastructure was ravaged by the war and the planet was in dire straits. Recognizing this, Fable decided to enter one of Zou's people in the F-Zero Grand Prix to raise awareness for their plight – so he built a suitable machine, the Space Angler, and selected Leon by unknown means to race in it.

Despite his ferocious appearance, Leon is perhaps the kindest pilot on the circuit (although he is said to not be particularly intelligent). Deeply involved with the efforts to rebuild his home planet (and motivated in part, perhaps, by the death of his own parents), he is the head of an orphanage on Zou and races to protect its children – and all others on Zou – from poverty. He holds the children with great regard and even outright says in his F-Zero TV interview that he races for them, not for himself, and that the gloves he wears were a gift from them. He seems to enjoy sports, or at least encourages an active lifestyle, as he coaches soccer and promises use part of the Grand Prix's prize money to build a soccer field for the orphanage. He also expresses an interest in taking up wrestling.


Leon, like most other characters in the series, is tall and muscular. He is of an unnamed alien race with a human-like build, but an animalistic head and accompanying tail – in F-Zero X, he has a distinctly feline, lion-like head (perhaps the origin of his name) with neat brown fur and round ears, while in F-Zero GX his head is more canine and wolf-like with spiky silver fur, much taller and sharper ears, and a more pronounced muzzle. In both games, his muzzle and a crest on the top of his head are of a white fur color, and he also has thin black markings which extend vertically over both eyes. In GX, his left eye also appears to be wounded and is permanently shut. In both games, he wears an orange-and-blue jumpsuit with red and white highlights (including prominent white ridges on his shoulders), together with blue gloves (which are said to be a gift from the children at his orphanage) and knee-high lace-up blue wrestling boots.


Leon made his debut alongside the Space Angler in F-Zero X and has since reappeared in every game in the series except for F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. He has not made any significant appearances in any game's story, however.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

LeonX.png Leon
No. Age Machine
19 15 Space Angler
Instruction manual description
Compared to humans, Leon is not very bright. He makes up for it with his sharp reflexes and cornering ability.
Ending screen

F-Zero GX

GX Leon.png Leon
No. Age Sex Machine Cost Autograph
19 16 Male File:GX-Logo-Space Angler.png 7 GX-Autograph-Leon.png
In game description
Leon is from the war-torn planet of Zou, where he lost both of his parents during the big war 12 years ago. As the planet suffered through the aftereffects of the war, it was decided that one F-ZERO machine should be sent to the Grand Prix with Leon as its pilot. A symbol of hope for the ailing planet. Leon has a great track record in the F-ZERO races as a result of his well-balanced abilities, and he desperately wishes to become champion in order to save the children of Zou from poverty.

Instruction manual description
Leon is from the war torn planet of Zou, where he lost both his parents during the big war 12 years back. Suffering the continual effects of the war, the people of Zou decided to send one F-ZERO machine with Leon as its pilot to represent the planet as a symbol of hope.

Default Green Red Orange
GX Leon Default.png GX Leon Green.png GX Leon Red.png GX Leon Orange.png


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