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Death Anchor

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Death Anchor
Death Anchor
Vehicle information
Pilot Zoda
Number 13
Creator The Secret Society Deathriddle
Engine ZZ-2236x1
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1620kg
Body E
Boost A
Grip C

The Death Anchor is Zoda's racing machine since F-Zero X. The Death Anchor was originally an interplanetary ballistic missile designed by the Galactic Space Federation, but it was stolen and remodeled into a F-Zero machine by the secret society, Deathriddle. The missile was originally designed to be the ultimate weapon, for that reason it still has a self-destruct device inside, a fact that is unknown to Zoda. Its strongest stat is its boost, with an average grip and a weak body.

A model very similar to the Death Anchor, the Hyper Death Anchor, exists in F-Zero Climax. The design of the Soldier Anchor is also strikingly similar to the Death Anchor.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Death Anchor becomes available after earning nine X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Little Wyvern, Wild Boar, King Meteor, Super Piranha, and Mighty Hurricane. It is available to use in four colors: Dark blue (default), white, red, and magenta.

F-Zero GX

The Death Anchor is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), green, pink, and orange.

Death Anchor.png Death Anchor
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Deathriddle ZZ-2236x1 1620kg
The Death Anchor is an interplanetary ballistic missile that was remodeled into an F-Zero machine by the secret society Deathriddle, who stole it from the Galactic Space Federation. Since the original plan was for this machine to be used as the ultimate weapon, it still has a self-destruct device installed. This fact is unknown to Zoda.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Death Anchor becomes available after clearing Zoda's story mode. It has an average acceleration with a good top speed and decent cornering.

F-Zero Climax

The Death Anchor becomes available after clearing the platinum cup on novice or higher. The upgraded Hyper Death Anchor becomes available after winning the bronze, silver, and gold cups on master overall.

Design and namesake


The Death Anchor falls in the category of the elongated machines. Its body stretches out far with a thin width. It's nose is sloped downward and has a cooling vent on the tip. In the dead center is the canopy that matches the overall shape of the body. Right behind it are three fins with vents on the front and back. The front ones contain scoops to catch air more easily. It has one primary engine situated in the dead center of the fins. The machine's color is almost completely dark blue with cyan zigzag lines on the nose and fins for detail.


The Death Anchor is comprised of the words death, the state of not being alive and anchor, meaning to secure firmly in position.


From Zoda's evil nature, the death part of Death Anchor relates to his bloodlust when he races going out of his way to try and kill everyone. Anchor relates to the aforementioned reasons as well as the machine's design and shadow matching that of a ship's anchor.

Differences between games

Only two minor differences were made when the Death Anchor moved from F-Zero X to F-Zero GX. It changed from a dark navy to a slightly lighter blue and gained three small fins in the back.


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