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Rick Wheeler #1

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Rick Wheeler #1 is Rick Wheeler's first mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Mute City.


The mission starts with Rick chasing after Octoman through Mute City. He intends on catching the criminal and bringing him to justice, and also hoping to find out Zoda's whereabouts from him.

Once Rick overtakes Octoman, he steps out to confront the criminal. Once he does, Zoda pulls up and taunts Rick into following him, giving up on Octoman.


Map of the course

The objective is to overtake Octoman and beat him to the end of the road. The course takes Rick through the streets of Mute City, with nine sharp turns to look out for. One Dash Zone is placed after the second turn and the player starts with a full Boost power meter. Octoman is not very fast and can be easily overtaken before the first turn by using a single boost.



Rick Wheeler: "Heh heh... You won't escape me, Octoman!"
Rick Wheeler: "887 crimes... You're almost at triple eights!"
Rick Wheeler: "Too bad, huh?"
Rick Wheeler: "Once I catch you, you're going to tell me where Zoda is!"


Rick Wheeler: "Whoa!!!"
Rick Wheeler: "I've taken Octoman!"
Octoman: "Curses! Who is this guy? The little punk is relentless!"
Octoman: "Zoda's gotta help me handle this..."
Rick Wheeler: "Octoman! End of the line, pal!"
Rick Wheeler: "Huh? Who... Whose machine is that?"
Octoman: "Ah, lucky me! Here's my chance!"
Rick Wheeler: "What the...?"
Zoda: "Ah ha ha haaah!"
Zoda: "Well, well, well! Having a tiff? Ha! Don't mind me! Continue!"
Rick Wheeler: "ZODA!!!"
Rick Wheeler: "It's about time we met! Don't move an inch!"
Zoda: "Please! I don't feel like being caught today!"
Zoda: "Why don't you hang out with my toady, instead?"

Mission info

  • Objective: Reach the goal before Octoman!
  • Bounty: $200,000,000