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Jack Levin #1

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Jack Levin #1 is Jack Levin's first mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Mute City.


Jack Levin tells Dr. Stewart that he is having trouble winning against Rick Wheeler and asks the doctor for help. In an effort to test Jack's skills, Dr. Stewart leads him to a race.

After being defeated, Dr. Stewart asks Jack if he feels better. Jack replies he is not because he still does not feel like he is fast enough. In the middle of the conversation, the group gets a call from Jody Summer, who alerts them about Michael Chain. Jack and the rest head to Silence to help their commander.


Course map

The mission takes place on Mute City I. It is a standard five-lap race, with the only participants being Jack Levin and Dr. Stewart, Jack starting in second. The objective of the mission is to beat Dr. Stewart to the finish line.



Jack Levin: "Doctor!"
Jack Levin: "I have a favor I'd like to ask of you."
Jack Levin: "Got a minute?"
Dr. Stewart: "What is it, Jack?"
Dr. Stewart: "Your face looks terrified!"
Dr. Stewart: "Go ahead, tell me what's going on!"
Jack Levin: "Lately, I can't win against Rick..."
Jack Levin: "Didn't you notice?"
Jack Levin: "Do I lack skill? What's my problem?"
Dr. Stewart: "Calm down, Jack! This is unlike you!"
Dr. Stewart: "...Stop worrying."
Dr. Stewart: "You're working up quite a sweat!"
Dr. Stewart: "Prep your machine and hit the course."


Dr. Stewart: "How was that?"
Dr. Stewart: "And you were all sad! Feel better?"
Jack Levin: "Not yet, I don't."
Jack Levin: "I'm still just squeaking by!"
Dr. Stewart: "Are you serious?"
Dr. Stewart: "You're out racing morning and night!"
Dr. Stewart: "Huh? An incoming call. Who is it?"
Jack Levin: "Jody!"
Jody Summer: "Jack!!!"
Jody Summer: "Michael Chain is in the next race!"
Jody Summer: "Get everyone over to Silence track!"
Jack Levin: "Michael Chain? THE Michael Chain?"
Jack Levin: "Understood! Mobile Platoon, moving out!"
Jack Levin: "I don't have the nerve for this..."
Jack Levin: "For now, we must reach Silence."

Mission info

  • Objective: Beat the doctor.
  • Bounty: $50,000,000