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Captain Falcon #X

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Captain Falcon #X is Captain Falcon's sixth mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend, accessible only if Captain Falcon has gathered more than or equal to $1 Billion by the end of Captain Falcon #4. The mission takes place in Sand Ocean and runs concurrently with Jody Summer #5. If the player has already opened Captain Falcon #5, this mission will lead into it.


After meeting up with Jody Summer, Captain Falcon warns her in her attempts to defeat Blood Falcon, showing great concern for her. Jody Summer explains her reasons, saying Blood Falcon is the only one that knows about her brother. Captain Falcon questions about Jody Summer's brother existence before the two head to the race.

After the race, Blood Falcon escapes before Jody Summer can get the information she needs. Regardless, she thanks Captain Falcon for his help before he leaves to go take on Black Shadow.


Course map

The race takes place on Sand Ocean: Caterpillar. The objective is to defeat Blood Falcon in the race, either by destroying his machine or by beating him to the finish line. There are twenty-two participants of this five lap race, the player starting in third. Once Jody Summer gets in the lead, she will usually maintain it until the player overtakes her.



Jody Summer: "I'll beat Blood Falcon! I must!"
Captain Falcon: "Jody, listen up!"
Captain Falcon: "I don't know what he has planned..."
Captain Falcon: "If you lose..."
Captain Falcon: "..."
Captain Falcon: "You can't lose! You just can't!!!"
Jody Summer: "I know, I know..."
Jody Summer: "I must learn about my brother..."
Jody Summer: "And only he knows! I must win!"
Captain Falcon: "Brother?"


Blood Falcon: "Hee hee hee!"
Blood Falcon: "Seriously, did you actually think you would catch me like this?"
Blood Falcon: "Listen up!!! I will be back! Mark my words!"
Jody Summer: "Blood Falcon!!! You have knowledge I need!"
Blood Falcon: "Hee hee HEEEE!!! I'll be back, I say! I'll be back!"
Jody Summer: "Wait! Please wait! I must know about my brother!!"
Jody Summer: "Falcon... Thank you!"
Jody Summer: "I didn't learn of my brother, but..."
Jody Summer: "But at least I beat Blood Falcon!"
Captain Falcon: "Don't thank me. It was just part of my job."
Jody Summer: "You mean... Clash?"
Captain Falcon: "Yes, Clash was abducted by Black Shadow..."
Captain Falcon: "There are still several things I must take care of."
Captain Falcon: "Jody Summer, I'll see you again!"

Mission info

  • Objective: Help Jody Summer defeat Blood Falcon in the race!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000