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Jack Levin #4

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Jack Levin #4 is Jack Levin's fourth mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Mute City and runs concurrently with Jody Summer #4.


Jack Levin begins by telling Jody Summer to ease on her quest with Blood Falcon, calling her obsession similar to Rick Wheeler's. Dr. Stewart and Jack Levin talk about Jody's work and how dangerous it is, before suggesting the entire Galaxy Mobile Platoon should partake in the next race to help Jody Summer take down Blood Falcon.

After the race, Jack boasts about his victory. Jody Summer commends him before Jack and Dr. Stewart tell her to concentrate on Dr. Clash's case. With renewed determination, Jack Levin goes to seek out Rick Wheeler and challenge him once more.


Course Map

The mission takes place on Mute City: Traditional Park. It is a standard five-lap race, though with only five participants, Jack Levin starting in second. The objective is for Jack Levin to win the race between his platoon members.



Jack Levin: "Jody, I'm serious! Quit joking around!"
Jack Levin: "Don't take Blood Falcon lightly!"
Jack Levin: "I can't abide this obsession anymore!"
Jack Levin: "You slapped Rick for the same behavior!"
Jack Levin: "...Didn't you? Commander?"
Jody Summer: "OK! I understand..."
Jody Summer: "I heard about Clash, too."
Dr. Stewart: "No one knows where Clash is now..."
Dr. Stewart: "These are dangerous times, Jody."
Dr. Stewart: "You can't fly off and not consult us."
Dr. Stewart: "Isn't that so, Jack?"
Jack Levin: "Yes, but she's really wrapped up in this ordeal."
Jack Levin: "She can't seem to distance herself."
Jack Levin: "True, Commander?"
Jody Summer: "What do you mean?"
Jody Summer: "What do you two have in mind?"
Jack Levin: "What I mean is..."
Jack Levin: "If the whole platoon competed and you won..."
Jack Levin: "You could chase down Blood Falcon as you see fit!"
Jack Levin: "You'd be into that, yeah? So get your machine ready!"


Jack Levin: "Whoo hoo! I won!"
Jack Levin: "I rule this road! Nobody's faster!"
Jody Summer: "You guys... You were really into that race!"
Jack Levin: "Darn right!"
Jack Levin: "We can't have you doing this lone-wolf thing anymore!"
Dr. Stewart: "Jody..."
Dr. Stewart: "Sorry, but I want you to concentrate on Clash's case."
Jack Levin: "And with that..."
Jack Levin: "Maybe I can finally compete with Rick..."
Jack Levin: "I'll win against him, and then..."

Mission info

  • Objective: Win the platoon members race!
  • Bounty: $50,000,000