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Lisa Brilliant #3

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Lisa Brilliant #3 is Lisa Brilliant's third mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Silence.


Lisa Brilliant arrives on Silence, lamenting about how frustrated she is being unable to remember anything. While wandering, she runs into Antonio Guster, who immediately recognizes her. Lisa says she does not remember him, to which Antonio replies he knows someone that can help restore her memory: Samurai Goroh. Knowing the connection between Lisa and Goroh, Antonio is, in actuality, trying to return Lisa to Goroh in order to settle a debt with him. Antonio makes a deal with Lisa, saying she should help him if he wins, to which Lisa accepts.

After winning the race, Lisa says Antonio has to follow up on getting her memory back. Antonio drives off, leaving Lisa thinking about another way to get her memory back.


Course Map

The mission takes place on Silence: Honeycomb Rink. It is a standard five-lap race with sixteen participants, Lisa starting in second. The objective is to beat Antonio Guster to the finish line, who will try to maintain a first place position. As long as Lisa crosses the finish line before Antonio, the final placement of the racers does not matter.



Lisa Brilliant: "How can a person with no memory..."
Lisa Brilliant: "...feel so very frustrated about the past?"
Antonio Guster: "Hey! Hey, Lisa! It's been ages!"
Antonio Guster: "You've come all the way here for loot?"
Lisa Brilliant: "What the...? Why is everyone acting so familiar?"
Lisa Brilliant: "I can't remember any of them!"
Lisa Brilliant: "I've never seen you before. I don't know your name."
Antonio Guster: "..."
Antonio Guster: "Oh, so sorry..."
Antonio Guster: "You're obviously shook up..."
Antonio Guster: "I actually know a way to restore your memory."
Antonio Guster: "There's one man who holds the key..."
Antonio Guster: "How about it, Lisa? Wanna make a deal?"
Lisa Brilliant: "A deal?"
Lisa Brilliant: "Are you serious? Some man can restore my memory?"
Lisa Brilliant: "That seems pretty dubious to me."
Antonio Guster: "No! I'm serious!"
Antonio Guster: "There's a guy named Samurai Goroh who knows your past!"
Antonio Guster: "I owe him a debt as well..."
Antonio Guster: "If you could assist me, it would really help me out!"
Antonio Guster: "How about it?"
Antonio Guster: "How about this: if I win this race, you help me out."
Lisa Brilliant: "Hmm... Sounds OK."
Lisa Brilliant: "Can't hurt. Things can't be worse."
Lisa Brilliant: "I'll play along with your game."
Antonio Guster: "Really? Great!"


Lisa Brilliant: "Yes!!! Victory!"
Lisa Brilliant: "Well! Hey, hey! I guess you'll be telling me how to get my memory back, huh?"
Antonio Guster: "Whoa... Big sis has always been tough!"
Antonio Guster: "Did she really lose her memory? She's way fast!!!"
Antonio Guster: "For now, I gotta get outta here."
Lisa Brilliant: "What the...!!! He ran off!"
Lisa Brilliant: "That is one untrustworthy oaf!"
Lisa Brilliant: "Still..."
Lisa Brilliant: "It's not like I'm going to have amnesia forever. ...I hope."
Lisa Brilliant: "This is crazy..."

Mission info

  • Objective: Beat Antonio Guster!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000