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Samurai Goroh #2

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Samurai Goroh #2 is Samurai Goroh's second mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Red Canyon and runs concurrently with Lisa Brilliant #2.


Samurai Goroh meets up with Lisa Brilliant, who seems to have forgotten that she is his wife. After asking her why she tried to poison him, Goroh accuses her of doing so out of spite from an unspecified event from earlier. Angry at Goroh, Lisa challenges him to a race.

After the race, Goroh admits he does not seriously think Lisa tried to poison him, but continues to urge her to drop the amnesic act. Lisa tells him she lost her memory, at which point Goroh shows concern for her condition. Lisa speeds off and leaves Goroh behind, blaming the poison for not being able to help her at the moment.


Course Map

The race takes place on the outskirts of Red Canyon. The only participants in this race are Samurai Goroh and Lisa Brilliant, Goroh starting in second. The mission objective is to finish the race ahead of Lisa.

The course is a long path with many turns, many of which are sharp U-turns and S-turns. Even though the player starts with Boost Power, it should really only be used to take the lead over Lisa. The player will not be able to take the turns with Boost active very easily, and they can stay ahead of Lisa with ease provided they take turns carefully.



Samurai Goroh: "Lisa! Long time, no see!"
Lisa Brilliant: "Ummm... Yeah...? Long time indeed..."
Lisa Brilliant: "Ummm... Who are you?"
Samurai Goroh: "Who am I?!? How could you forget your husband?!?"
Samurai Goroh: "Have you grown so cold since the last time we met?"
Lisa Brilliant: "Did you say you're my husband?"
Lisa Brilliant: "Or did I simply misunderstand you?"
Samurai Goroh: "No misunderstanding! Hey, why did you poison me?"
Samurai Goroh: "Oh, so THAT'S why you're playing coy!"
Samurai Goroh: "Still angry about before, I see... Grow up, will ya!"
Lisa Brilliant: "Noisy old pig!!!"
Samurai Goroh: "Noisy? Pig?"
Lisa Brilliant: "Get out here! We'll race. If you win, I'll hear what you've got to say."


Samurai Goroh: "Yeahhh!!!"
Samurai Goroh: "Now my record's 366 wins and only 364 losses!"
Samurai Goroh: "C'mon now, Lisa! Hurry up and drop that act!"
Samurai Goroh: "Hey, and about that whole "poison" thing..."
Samurai Goroh: "I don't seriously think you did it!"
Lisa Brilliant: "So you won for nothing, huh..."
Lisa Brilliant: "But I really don't know who you are!"
Samurai Goroh: "Gah! How long do you plan to keep this nonsense up?"
Lisa Brilliant: "Look, I'm NOT playing and I'm NOT lying!"
Lisa Brilliant: "Seriously, I'm not!"
Lisa Brilliant: "I have no memory..."
Samurai Goroh: "What?!? You lost your memory?"
Samurai Goroh: "Lisa! Since when? When in the world did that happen?"
Lisa Brilliant: "What's it matter? Later!"
Samurai Goroh: "Crud! If it weren't for this poison..."
Samurai Goroh: "Hold on, Lisa..."
Samurai Goroh: "I'll be back to help soon enough..."

Mission info

  • Objective: Beat Lisa!
  • Bounty: $200,000,000