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Zoda #2

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Zoda #2 is Zoda's second mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in ??? and runs concurrently with Black Shadow #2.


Upon meeting up with Zoda, Black Shadow commends him for his work in capturing Dr. Clash. Zoda boasts about himself, saying he can even take on Black Shadow with his skills. He then challenges Black Shadow to a race, saying he is done taking orders.

After defeating Black Shadow, Zoda continues boasting. He moves closer to Black Shadow, to find that the pilot is actually Octoman, him and Black Shadow having switched during the race. Now angered, Zoda goes to seek out Black Shadow.


Course Map

The mission takes place on a story-unique track called Illusion: Secret. It is a standard five-lap race, with Black Shadow and Zoda being the only two participants. Zoda starts in first. The objective of the mission is to beat Black Shadow to the finish line.

Illusion: Secret is a fairly standard loop with narrow paths to take, the narrow paths being shortcuts. After the first bend is a long Pit with a Dash Zone next to it, leading into a narrow road with another Dash Zone. Following the second turn are two paths, a narrow one with a Dash Zone and a wider one with a Pit and a couple of Dash Zones. The next turn leads into a Pit that is broken up into square segments, followed by another split path. The narrow path curves and the wider path has Dash Zones. These paths lead into the finish line. There are no Anti-Gravity Guide Beams on this track.



Unknown: "Incredible…"
Unknown: "I can't believe you managed to bring Clash back…"
Zoda: "Hah ha ha haah…"
Zoda: "Absolutely no problem for a master like me!"
Zoda: "I mean, I could beat the Dark Emperor himself! Hah ha ha haah…"
Black Shadow: "Zoda… What was that?"
Zoda: "I said I'm not taking your orders anymore!"
Zoda: "Dark Emperor this, Dark Emperor that! Let's race, chump!"


Zoda: "AHHHH HA HAAAA!!! I did it! YESSS!"
Zoda: "Now ZODA is the universe's emperor!"
Zoda: "Ha! Let's see…"
Zoda: "No need for me to bow before the loser, huh?"
Zoda: "What?!?"
Zoda: "It's not Black Shadow!!!"
Zoda: "A fake! Argh! When did they switch?"
Zoda: "You think this is funny, Shadow?"
Zoda: "Curse you!!! I won't put up with this!!!"

Mission info

  • Objective: Beat Black Shadow!
  • Bounty: $300,000,000