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Black Shadow #5

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Black Shadow #5 is Black Shadow's fifth and final mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in White Land and runs concurrently with Rick Wheeler #X.


Black Shadow confronts Rick Wheeler and challenges him to a race. He teleports them both to White Land for the challenge.

After winning the race, Black Shadow destroys Rick's machine. Black Shadow is left to continue his reign unopposed.


Course map

The mission takes place on White Land: Flower II. It is a standard five-lap race with Black Shadow and Rick Wheeler being the only participants, Black Shadow starting in second. The objective is to win the race in first place. Due to the Black Bull's poor performance compared to the Dragon Bird along with the slippery environment, Black Shadow will have a hard time staying in the lead with all the turns, making this mission the hardest in the game. Destroying the Dragon Bird at the start of the race will remove the difficulty, however Rick usually starts with a Boost Fire.



Black Shadow: "So, you're the prize of my chase!"
Black Shadow: "Rick Wheeler!"
Rick Wheeler: "You!!! Black Shadow!!!"
Black Shadow: "I am the sole ruler of this universe!"
Black Shadow: "Don't tell me you didn't know that!"
Black Shadow: "Here's where you'll sleep…forever!"
Black Shadow: "You will soon be wreckage, fool!"


Black Shadow: "What a weakling!!! This is the rising star, Rick Wheeler?"
Black Shadow: "You're nothing!"
And so…
Black Shadow's reign of terror is unstoppable!

Mission info

  • Objective: Win the battle with Rick Wheeler!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000