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Captain Falcon #5

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Captain Falcon #5 is Captain Falcon's fifth mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend, accessible only if Captain Falcon has gathered less than $1 Billion by the end of Captain Falcon #4. The mission takes place in Lightning and runs concurrently with Black Shadow #4.


Black Shadow appears and taunts Captain Falcon. When Captain Falcon demands Black Shadow to return Dr. Clash, Black Shadow challenges Captain Falcon to a race.

After the race, Black Shadow's machine, the Black Bull, explodes and drops off a cliff. While Captain Falcon doubts Black Shadow's death, he gets a call from Jody Summer saying Dr. Clash has been saved. Captain Falcon then moves on with his bounty hunting career.


Course map

The mission takes place on Lightning: Volute. The race against Black Shadow is a standard five-lap race, the player gaining Boost Power at the start of the second lap. There are twenty-two participants, Captain Falcon starting in second and Black Shadow starting in first. Black Shadow is not very fast and can be easily overtaken before the third lap.



Black Shadow: "Heh heh heh..."
Black Shadow: "Falcon, you look pale! What's wrong?"
Black Shadow: "AAH HA HA HAAH!"
Captain Falcon: "So! Black Shadow."
Captain Falcon: "Return Clash to me this instant!"
Captain Falcon: "I know you're the one that abducted him! Hand him over!"
Black Falcon: "Let's make a deal, Pigeon! Er... Falcon!"
Black Falcon: "If you were able to beat me... in a race, that is..."
Black Falcon: "Ha! Impossible! Bring it, Falcon!"


Announcer: "The dark one's craft is going to blow!"
Announcer: "What will become of him?!?"
Captain Falcon: "Crafty as he is, I doubt he's dead."
Captain Falcon: "A huge explosion doesn't mean a thing with him."
Captain Falcon: "Does he think I'd fall for that?"
Captain Falcon: "Jody, is that you?"
Jody Summer: "Falcon! Clash is safe!"
Captain Falcon: "Excellent news."
Captain Falcon: "Give my regards to the doc, will you?"
Jody Summer: "The doctor?"
Jody Summer: "I heard that he'd asked you for help."
Jody Summer: "What a close call!"
Jody Summer: "If Black Shadow got Clash's invention..."
Jody Summer: "Who knows what evil he could do..."
Jody Summer: "Thank you, Falcon!"
Jody Summer: "What now?"
Captain Falcon: "Hmmm... Have you forgotten?"
Captain Falcon: "I'm just a simple bounty hunter..."

Falcon continues to hunt criminals for pay. His identity remains a secret. And he fights on.

Mission info

  • Objective: Win the race!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000